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Reflections on the Rise of the Entrepreneur

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Ann PeckhamThink on these things

The world is rapidly changing and it is an illusion that the work place is a secure place to work for the rest of your life.

It is the first time in history where our children will not do as well as us.

Your friends are getting laid off, you are getting laid off, and you are over worked and under paid.

You have less freedom and you live under constant pressure.

Technology is accelerating and job security is declining.

Everyone is moaning about this “old Model” so “why don’t you leave it?”

As most of our lives revolve around what we do for a living, there has to be a better way.

The industrial age is an old idea. A steady pay cheque is an industrial age idea and it is dead.

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, may people are being squeezed out and find that they do not have the skills to get back in.

The idea of job security is obsolete but it is still taught in our school system. This is where the problem starts. There is no financial education in schools and people are still taught to be employees – work for a pay cheque.

In the middle classes real income has been coming down for years and parents still say “Go to school and get a job”

It is going to be a very hard road and if you are not working for yourself it will be almost impossible.

People are going back to school to get a better job but the biggest problem with that is that a student loan debt is stuck with you for life. Credit card debt can be written off as bankruptcy but not student loans.

It is a tragedy for people who hate going to work on a Monday morning. They dread their alarm clock. They get a glimmer of hope on a Wednesday and say “Thank God it’s Friday”. They live for those 2 days where they can be themselves and they don’t have to play the political games of the office.

A person works 50 weeks a year just to be able to have 2 weeks’ vacation but most have a staycation as they have such high debt.

The basis of their lives is worry – worry that you’ll get fired – worry you’ll go out of business. You’re spinning the plates on how to pay the bills – how are you going to send the kids to college? What if the car breaks down? People live in a sea of worry and it eats them up.

Bank interest rates are the lowest ever and will likely stay that way for the next 20-30 years!

So people put their money into equity investments – but do you really trust others to deal with your future? The only way to really move forward is to work for yourself.



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