Real-life Learning, Living “Connection” and Environmental Balance

Teri DluznieskiI’ve been coming across a lot of things lately about connected-ness. A lot of spiritual based “messages” to remind us how much we are intricately connected, to our higher Selves, to our angels, to God.. to the Universe around us.  All of these messages, from different denominational directions:  all worded slightly different, as befits the paradigm in which it rests.  But all sharing a very identical message.  Everything is connected.  That means each of us.  No one is, nor can be.. ever be… alone or dis-connected.

I was just discussing the other day.. seeing and understanding the bigger picture.. the web, the connections of interplay.. I would take the process one step further — as with quantum physics and string theory/ M theory etc… All levels are reflections of shared dynamics. SO, as much as it is important for us to understand the hierarchy of connection.. I think it is also essential to understand the role of connection across space.  Literally.  Physical actions, choices and awareness’s that play out every day.  It is all but pointless to grasp a spiritual truth, if we cannot embody and “translate” that into daily action and activity.

From oil, which is becoming more and more evident re the wars we are fighting where oil is the underlying resource– to our food.  Many people put oil in their cars, without thinking about or even being aware of the far-reaching ripple effect..the lives that have been impacted- in that fuels journey from the ground to the fuel tank.  It seems we only understand the language of money- we change our habits– not because of a strike in Nigeria, or an oil spill in the Gulf, but because the price of putting petrol into our tanks becomes astronomical.

This might not be the optimal example; teaching say the process of where our cereal comes from.. (and let’s not even get into the whole GMO aspect, which while important, is a sidebar for this).  How can we teach our children the process, the journey.. all the factors that play out? Planting a seed of corn and experimenting with different approaches (each kid chooses their own approach, organic, playing music.. whatever).. for some direct impact input.. but they visit an organic farm, a big-agricultural farm. they see what happens from beginning to end of the chain of events.. and also have them create timelines, with collages and stories.. from the seed of corn, or the carrot that is planted in a far away country.. and all the experiences and events it goes through before finding its way onto their dinner plate. Who planted the seed?  Who watered it?  What kind of lives do they live?  How was it transported? How many miles? Track it’s journey around a globe…

Maybe then, our children, and hopefully the rest of us, would grow into understanding of important issues that face other people in the world.  I would add in the controversies of food as fuel (ethanol).. but my main drive here.. was.. what we do here.. impacts areas we might never consider.. where corn as fuel raises the price of corn too high, so that the villages in Mexico cannot afford their corn to make their food…Even in ways where it is unintended and/or by well-intentioned conscientious people.  As is the case now with quinoa.

Quinoa is an amazing food from South America, rich in protein and nutrients, very tasty and nourishing, even though it grows at very high altitudes in generally poor soils.  Quite the paradox. The added paradox is that this super-food is beginning to catch the attention of western cultures.  And now it is becoming too expensive for the people who need it to live…and they can’t afford it, because our demand for it has driven up the price.

It is ironic, that on the one hand we live in a world, on a planet, that is almost completely wired and connected.  We have advantages and luxuries once unimaginable.  information about anything is right at our fingertips.  Literally.  However, it seems we carry less of an awareness than ever… about the ripple effects of what we do in one place, and the far-reaching impacts and ramifications… they are out of our immediate impact zone.  We do not feel it ourselves– and those seem to be the only ripples we care about.  What we don’t understand is that in this ever-connected era.. what affects others, DOES affect us, and vice versa.

Learning how to follow the ripples of an action, or a practice/idea.. beyond our own spheres.. not just how does this affect US/me.. but how does it affect others. I would add into that concept the practice of the Native Americans.  They had a practice that looked not only across “space” at ripples.. but across Time… to see where the ripples would lead, Tomorrow.

From what I understand, any time there was an important decision to be made, the entire community came together. and the elders discussed issues.. and every major decision was made… not just about how it affected the present.. but how it affected their children, and their children’s children– down for seven generations.. which is where the name for the recycled/ holistic products line “Seventh Generation” comes from..

That is real-life learning.. learning about how actions impact real-life.. I was just reading/ watching about how tuna off the coast of California are now showing low levels of radiation. Did anyone consider these possibilities when deciding to build nuclear power plants?

On the flip side, I read that Germany made a huge ( total(?) commitment to going solar/ alternative.. and is now producing more power from sunlight than the rest of the world combined ( think that was correct?).. and has closed most of their nuclear power plants, or is soon to do so(?).. so- change is possible.. when we make the commitment, from the understanding/awareness that we can do better, and serve the needs of the environment– which is where we all have to live/share;)

The paradigm shift that needs to develop… is leaving the ” toward me” paradigm.. how the “I” benefits.. from the Id based “want”… to one of proper relationship.. with self, with others, with environment.. and even with Time.  So that We recognise that all things resonate.. that “flow” is two-directional… and, like physics dictates.. the equation must balance… it is Natural law and its perfect best. And as we are all energy, living in an energy-based world, literally and metaphorically… grasping this, and discovering small ways to begin to embody it.. brings us all into balance.

Share thoughts in the comments  or any specific global-connections worth mentioning?



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