Audra BrownHello fellow beings,

I want to talk about my newly re-established love of PERSPECTIVE!

In a world that I see forcing us to accept more and more hurdles, objectives and goals.  We are experiencing so much trauma.  Our society pressures us to measure up and have these huge accomplishments.  I found myself and many of my clients to be mired down in this thought pattern. I find that people are so socially and media driven that they set themselves up for failure by trying to conform to this impossibility. When we do not reach these impossible goals we deem ourselves failures.  We then look around at others and, at face value, validate that we are indeed not living up to “the standard.”

We become resentful and see others’ accomplishments as insult to injury.  We do not even consider the toll this accomplishment may be taking on our fellow beings. At this point our perspective is totally skewed by external forces. It is time for a change in PERSPECTIVE!

We are Divine beings that are so accomplished by the simple act of breathing.  Every step we make in this life time is HOLY.  We have a choice to look at this ever pressing epidemic in our society and make a change!  How do I do that, I am only one person?

I find that if I ask the Universe for a change in my perception, and then give myself the time, space and permission to receive it, miracle of miracles the change comes.  You know that the Universe is always listening.  The cosmos is always sending back the energy we produce, as like attracts like.  With this in mind realize that this new thought pattern takes you out of the role of victim.

Our social dogma only applies to you if you choose to participate.  No I am not saying sit back on your laurels and “wish” everything you want into being!  What I am saying is show more kindness and love to your efforts and receive the benefits that you seek, without the trauma.

Our Universe is perfect just as it is and so are you, if you will let it be so.  Allow more of the hard work you put out to be used  on yourself personally.  Think more highly of yourself and what you are doing.  See the divinity in yourself and everything around you.  Use your energy to develop that attitude of gratitude.  Allow life to be great.  Allow that new PERSPECTIVE into your life and choose to be happy, fulfilled and DIVINE!



I am a Light Worker using many forms of energy. I am a Reiki Master, Shaman, Master Herbalist, Clairaudient, Empath and card reader (of many forms) to mention a few. I would like to share my personal feelings, grasp and intention when using the word “Light Worker.” I feel that I am only the conduit of the Universal Great Spirit to use as a vessel to pass on the information; energy and healing to any of us that need the extra love and light.

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