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OYEZ! OYEZ! What is Happening on Planet Earth?

The news is full of it, people are full of it, the animals are full of it, the planet is full of it!  What, you may ask? The simple answer is that our planet, together with all lifeforms, the flora and fauna are subjected to conditions that have not been recorded in our recent history, for at least 10,000 years, maybe even 25,000 years.

This is the scenario of the unfolding drama on planet Earth: Huge amounts of energy from the sun, in the form of Solar Flares and Mass Coronal Discharges are bombarding our planet and all planets in our solar system, even our galaxy. This is HUGE! This energy is electromagnetic, which means that it affects all life forms here, as we function with electro-magnetic energy, such as our physical electrical system, which affects all our organs, including, and especially our brain, and it also affects our memory. Then we have super Gamma energy waves emanating from the centre of our galaxy that is sweeping throughout the galaxy, while our galaxy is passing through a HUGE Torus field of Electro-Magnetic energy, known as The Photon Belt. It seems this happens in a cyclical fashion, and we are due for another treatment to see how many of us are ready, willing and able to use this energy to help us improve ourselves, expand Conscious Awareness and raise Consciousness, as part of the evolution of the human species.

There are many of us who are doing the internal work of Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Self-Healing, Self-Empowering, the resolution of Karma, and as we progress along this path our conscious awareness expands, and we raise our consciousness. However, there are many, many more people who choose not to undertake this work, for whatever reason, and these are the people who allow themselves to get sucked into the Trauma & Drama of our present existence during these times of tribulation. I write about all this in my books, which can be viewed on this website, especially, The Emissaries of Consciousness, MAYDAY! Planet Earth is Sinking, The Shattering of the Sphere, and Heart versus Mind. I have another book I am busy writing, entitled, The Lemming Syndrome, which explains my perception further, and provides more information that can help us steer our society along a path that can provide us all with better lives, with more Love, Compassion, Peace, Harmony and Prosperity, each according to his/her measure. What is that measure? It is the willingness, and intention to DO and BE whatever it takes each one of us to make our contributions, big or small, to bring this reality about. The other possibility is not worth discussing.

This is the reality! NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US!

Why? Because those Beings are already here, and they are potentially, you and me!! We are the ones we have been waiting for, and it is up to us, as many as possible, to DO and BE whatever we can to help facilitate this GREAT SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS that awaits us, especially as the window of opportunity is wide open, right now! How long will it remain open is not known, but the next few years will inform us. This is the time to bring in Universal Light, Universal Love and Compassion to our planet and our human society.

Our survival as a species depends upon what we DO and BE right now!



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.