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Our Changing World!

Our world, our planet, our people, our human society, and even the animal world are all changing, which is the biggest change we have ever seen on this planet.  This article is about utilizing such change wisely. The human population is higher than ever, the pollution of our air, water and air is higher than ever, the suffering of our people is higher than ever, and we seem to be heading towards the abyss of collapse of the world economy, the cultural integrity of sovereign countries, and our individual freedom. This does sound like doom and gloom, and in reality it is. However, we, the people of this third rock from the sun, our planet Earth, chose this by our action and/or non-action, and this is the reality we have created for ourselves, whether we like it or not. Now, having chosen this particular path or reality, we are equally at liberty to make a different choice, and chart a better course for humanity. The intention of this article is to bring to your attention, or even just to remind you, what we can do, if you choose to do so.

First let me paint a picture with words, illustrating what we have achieved so far, in our evolution as a society of Human Beings.

It is a debate itself, to know the truth of the origin of man. Some people believe in Adam and Eve, while others believe in genetic manipulation by Extra-Terrestrial beings. Personally, I support the latter, and, although this is an incredibly interesting discussion, it is beyond the scope of this article. If you wish to enter into dialogue with me, please make contact via the Contact Page of my website.  Such genetic manipulations, according to my own research, which includes the reading of various accounts from different sources, seems most likely to have occurred around 350,000 – 450,000 years ago. The new hybrid race (human like) was limited in intelligence, but as these beings evolved over the millennia, their intelligence increased, and their physical bodies evolved and adjusted accordingly. We are, relatively, a young species, and we continue to evolve. Fast forward to the Gregorian calendar year of 2020, and we find that our greatest technological achievements occurred in the previous 100 – 150 years only. Now, we are racing ahead with such technology that we seem to have more technological capabilities with insufficient consciousness to know how to use this technology. This unbalanced equation spells the doom and gloom mentioned above. We are, unfortunately, creating for ourselves an existential threat that clearly is causing us to be very worried indeed. Why and how did we do this?

We, as a society of human beings, have allowed ourselves to be manipulated and controlled by a small group of people, few in number, but who have, nevertheless, been able to gain control of the areas of politics, economics, medical establishment, much of the military & industrial complex, much of science, agriculture, and the food we eat. We are unaware, mostly, of the corruption in all of these areas, and we are disinclined to believe that anyone can be so heinous as to do us deliberate harm. Well, the innocent and naïve will be the last to wake up, so will those who are stubborn in their beliefs that everything is legitimate. The question I ask, is, how much suffering does an individual and a society have to experience before the people wake up, and demand a positive change? No-one seems to know the answer, because most people have given their power of individual choice and expression to all the areas and systems mentioned above. They no longer want to be independent of thought, word and action. They no longer are willing to be responsible for their own thoughts, words and actions, and the reality they experience (of their own creation, which is another discussion, especially for those who are unaware of this) and would rather blame others for their misfortune.

With all the trouble we are experiencing in our world currently, with all the individual and societal suffering in many countries, we have a unique opportunity to make a huge and positive change, that may well upset the present organizations and systems that govern us. This requires an unshakable intent, with courage, and supported by fortitude, while being governed by our conscience that will direct our new course for the well-being of everyone. This would demand a revolution of consciousness. This is a wake-up call like none other!

A revolution in Consciousness means that those who can, will do whatever it takes to grow in consciousness, which means that they will expand their conscious awareness. This is the only way to transcend the problems we are facing at this time, and be in a position to resolve them for the highest good of all. Otherwise, we are bogged down on the level of the problem, not seeing beyond the problem, and not being able to solve anything. It is the case of one who does not know, and let me use this imagery as an example – Let us say that someone has a tree in their garden. The leaves become blotchy, indicating the tree is sick. Such an unknowing person will apply band aids (plasters) to each and every leaf. On the other hand, the wise person would water the root, apply food and minerals to the root of the tree, thus enabling the tree to heal itself. Another example is, while driving a car, the driver notices the dash board light up with an engine warning. The not-knowing person would remove the light bulb, or break the light, and feel the problem is solved, while the knowing person would take the car to the repair shop. It is a matter of knowing or not knowing (conscious awareness, or consciousness itself). Some people would say that this has everything to do with intelligence, meanwhile, others would say that it has everything to do with the degree a person is aware of cause and effect, which is another way of saying perception which depends entirely upon conscious awareness, and increased consciousness.

The first thing is to establish that there is, in fact, a problem. In our society, has the warning light lit up? I think we can all say yes!

The next thing to do is to ask what can be done or undone to remedy the problem? Most people say that one person can do nothing. The Native Americans of North America say that one arrow you can break easily, but it is impossible to break a bunch of arrows together. So, when people come together with a common, positive purpose, their power is enormous. Mahatma Gandhi amply demonstrated this with his use of Ahimsa (non violence) to expunge the British, who had been occupying India for about 150 years.  The Indians succeeded, because they supported each other and worked together for a common purpose. So, with the use of the internet and social media, for as long as it operates, people can organize themselves to act together for the common good. A good example of this was afforded me, when I was living in the USA, and the gas (petrol) rose to untenable levels. It was suggested that everyone would buy their gas from one gas company, and boycott the others. This would have the effect, after a very short time, for the gas prices to be reduced. The people power is immense, but few use it, and pay the price.

Some people advocate going out into the streets and demonstrate, which often turns violent because there are those who really work for those who want all social and economic structures to fail, who employ professional activists to make a demonstration turn in a negative manner, detracting from the original, non-violent purpose. Therefore, I suggest that if we, the people really want positive change, and no one, not the governments, local or federal/national are listening, we, as one people, that means all of us, just stay home and do not go to work. This includes all those necessary workers/employees who keep the country operational. Everything is closed! No demonstration, other than a general strike by everyone, or, at least sufficient in number to grind the country to a halt. There are no demonstrations to be infiltrated by evil-doers. I would say in a day or two, maybe a week, the government will develop ears to hear the people. Now, the people would require spokespersons to enumerate the peoples’ grievances in a cogent manner. I truly hope that sufficient numbers of human beings can work together in unity in order to achieve this means to apply the peoples’ power. This may be our only chance to do so, before it is too late to save us from disaster!



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.