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Natural Intelligence

It seems that every now and then I am blessed with a ‘download’ of information from an unseen source, that I regard as my Higher Self, or perhaps, from an ‘off-world’ source, whereby, I become a willing recipient of a message I am to relay to others. In this case, as I awoke from sleep, this very early morning, before dawn, at 04:00 hours (4am), I was given the following information;

“Natural Intelligence is organic and universal in nature, governed by nothing, and limited by nothing, other than the degree of consciousness the exponent of such, organic natural intelligence embodies.”

This is the form of intelligence that excites me as you will see as this article unfolds.

First, let me discuss that which seems to have captured the imagination of many people, especially those of scientific orientation, Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is how I perceive the attributes and limitations to be for Artificial Intelligence;

  1. It is artificial, synthetic, not natural.
  2. It can only exist in the physical world of form, to be seen.
  3. It is created by ‘unenlightened’ scientists.
  4. It is as limited as its inventors.
  5. It is limited to the scientific community. The average person is excluded.
  6. It is governed by the good or evil of its inventors.
  7. It can be extremely useful, as long as it does not deprive humans of work, when such work is required to live, or if they are set to work against the well-being of humans.
  8. Eventually, AI will become sufficiently intelligent to create what is seen in that documentary, the film/movie, the Matrix, which is the probability that AI will dominate humanity, according to programmed ideals, whether it be good or evil.
  9. AI is confined to the three-dimensional reality of form, governed by the physical nature of science and physics.
  10. AI enslaves and imprisons humanity.

On the other Hand, Natural Intelligence (NI) can demonstrate the following;

  1. It is entirely natural and organic that exists on all levels of creation, including the seen and unseen.
  2. It already exists in creation, and one can access it by developing more of their innate consciousness, providing the platform to be Enlightened.
  3. NI is demonstrated in a person who is Enlightened, which means they have accessed that part of their total Self which naturally aligns such a person with all the Creative Intelligence in Nature and the Universe, on every level of consciousness, in every dimensional reality, and in every time line continuum.
  4. NI is unlimited. It is limitless in nature, only dependent upon that level of consciousness of the person who embodies it.
  5. It is readily accessible to each and every human being, and is NOT limited to scientists.
  6. It is as limitless as is Creation and the Creative Intelligence that is embodied in Nature and Universal Source.
  7. Its range is NOT limited.
  8. It is governed ONLY by Good, by Love and Compassion on a Universal level. Evil is displaced by Love and Compassion, and so evil cannot express itself in such an environment.
  9. NI is useful, whether in physical form or in a formless state.
  10. NI liberates humanity.
  11. NI does not have the capacity to dominate any human beings. Its natural nature is complete Liberation of each, individual Human Being.
  12. NI exists everywhere, on all time lines, in all realities, and all dimensions.
  13. Any Human Being can take it anywhere in the Universe, to any and all dimensional realities, even when leaving the body, as in death of the body.
  14. NI frees, liberates all Beings everywhere!

This simple description can indicate what the fundamental differences of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Intelligence are, and it highlights the fact that each and every Human Being has the CHOICE to be Sovereign, and NOT enslaved by anything or anyone, unless, of course, a human being chooses such enslavement.

The purpose of this article is to impress upon each and every reader that he or her has the potential and the capacity to develop more of their innate consciousness, and thereby cultivating their ability to embody more Natural Intelligence. I also wish to say that intelligence is NOT necessarily equated with Consciousness, because you can have a highly conscious person who may not display the kind of intelligence others would expect. It is important to note that different people operate in different ways, with different purposes in their destinies. For instance, a person who is Enlightened, or is Highly Conscious may be able to act in a spontaneously intelligent manner without being conscious of any intelligent decision. This means that such a person acts in the moment, according to inner guidance, without applying any intelligence consciously. Such a person operates in accordance with Natural and Universal Laws, which does not require any intellectual participation.

I have now arrived at an understanding that there are, at least, two types of people in this respect;

  1. The one who practically applies intellectual intelligence, acquired from Universal source, and I feel that I am in this category.
  2. The one who has no requirement for the application of intelligence, because their modus operandi is to be and act in the Now Moment, inspired by their alignment with both Natural and Universal Laws, spontaneously. Therefore, they are not obliged to operate from the level of intelligence intellectualization, because they become that intelligence.

The Divine purpose of people in these two groups is that in group 1, above, people like me, are well disposed to interact with this three-dimensional reality, which responds well to intellectual application, and which includes the intelligence of which I write. We are able to apply ourselves, according to our measure, and act more in accordance with the manner most people see as ‘normal,’ and which they can relate to. This last sentence may seem reasonable, but I am not so sure in my regard, because I know that I (my soul) come from ‘Off-World, and that I am what is known as a Starseed, as well as a First Wave Indigo, which tells me that I came in with a purpose to fulfil, and even though I am reasonably well equipped to present myself in a manner that may be acceptable to others, I still project that element which sets me apart from those who choose to remain limited in their perception and scope of application in their human lives. This is my dilemma, indeed! I also feel that it is possible for many of us to become so embroiled in the Human drama on Planet Earth, at this time in the Ascension process of those humans who give themselves permission to do so, and become distracted. To such people, I say, keep your focus of intention, and apply yourself with such determination, so as to be relatively impervious to any and all distractions, in order to fulfil your Divine Purpose.

The people of group 2 above, are at a disadvantage, and find that they have a difficult time in resonating with this three-dimensional reality, because they operate in a manner which is not three dimensional. I feel, that for such people, it is incumbent upon them to fulfil their destined purpose while acting in a manner that is not familiar in this three-dimensional reality of form and limitation. These are the people who have a challenging time living in this realm in 3D on Planet Earth, at this time. These are the people who, as ‘Off-Worlders’ have difficulty in dealing with such a primitive way most people on Planet Earth, at this time, conduct themselves. They are much more at home just Being That, which others are obliged to act out in physical form. These ‘Off-Worlders’ come from a place in various dimensional realities that, probably, do not use speech as a means to communicate. Instead, they use mental telepathy, having the ability to connect with the Akashic Records and communicate whatever is required from that source of limitless knowledge. Such people, I feel, are here to just BE who they are, and to contribute by their Divine Light and the thoughts/images they are able to project into the matrix of Human Group Mind. These people have a challenging, yet immensely important contribution to make, as humanity staggers hither and thither in its journey towards a higher state of consciousness and a higher vibratory frequency.

Add to all this, service to others, one’s own karma, and the lessons to be learned, and then you have a mixture of ingredients that can create a bitter-sweet cake. This journey on Planet Earth at this time encompasses the best and the worst of humanity. The direction, humanity, or part thereof, is to take depends entirely upon our individual choice and group choice.

This is the time, for anyone who feels to any degree whatsoever, that they have a purpose to fulfil, to actually identify with such, and BE and DO whatever is necessary to allow you to fulfil such a Divine Purpose. This is the time! This is YOUR time to Shine, and be your True and Authentic Self, whatever that may mean to you. The more you connect with your inner Self, the more you will know exactly what you are to do and not do, who you really are, and why you are here. In this sense I ask you four Universal questions;

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where do you come from?
  3. What are you doing here?
  4. Where are you going?

If you can answer these four questions you are well on your way to fulfilling your Divine Purpose on Planet Earth at this time, and I applaud you for being here, reading this, and being who you are.

Finally, allow me to quote from Alexandre Duma, in his epic story, The Three Musketeers;

“All For One, and One For All!”



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please email him on anthonyaltmanbooks@gmail.com.