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My Boy, Baxter

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My dog is the best! He is a cheeky, noisy, clumsy, adorable crossbreed, and he is our boy. Baxter is a rescue dog, and we believe he is Welsh, since he was found near Wrexham and taken to a local dogs’ home, before being transferred to a home in Stoke-on-Trent, which is where we found him ten years ago.


Our lives have never been the same since! The people at the dogs’ home told us that he never made a noise, and he had been house trained, so he was their most obedient and well-behaved dog. He soon changed his attitude when he realised that he had a home and we allowed him onto the sofa. Now we can’t get him off it!

Baxter has his own appreciation society in town, mainly comprised of children that are friends with my daughters, but their parents join in with doggy cuddles whenever they have the opportunity. They call Baxter the therapy dog, because he seems to recognize when he needs to be quiet with certain people, and with others he will play and bounce around.

He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a Border Terrier (we think), and he has gorgeous big, brown eyes. He has very long ears that earned him the nickname Yoda, and he has a grey beard which makes him look older than he is. Although he is getting on in years now, possibly aged thirteen, he still thinks he is a puppy, and we still give him big, squishy cuddles at every opportunity.

We are a dog family. How about you?



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