Muscle Growth

Still a lot of pain visits my left foot and some visits my right foot too. There are changes in the pain and in where it is all the time. I sit on the bed and talk with A. I look at my left foot and realize that new muscles have grown there.

Window box

There is a known phenomenon that goes with deterioration of the nerves. As the nerves stop serving some areas of muscle, the muscle tissue deteriorates too and simply disappears. You get areas where the skin rests directly on the bones, with no flesh between them. I had some areas like this. I almost could close a circle with my thumb and the middle finger around my left ankle. Not any more. There is flesh there now.




I used to be a graphic designer and an illustrator.  I became involved with the Chan Meditation Center and studied meditation and Buddhist knowledge with the late Master Sheng-yen from Taiwan. For twelve years I was in a process of deepening my meditation. I had many more experiences and insights and my life changed. After having illustrated more than 40 children’s books and writing two of them, I left this career too and went to New York University to study art therapy.

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