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Magical Imperfection

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Rasheed Ogunlaru“It does not need to be perfect – or technically correct – to be magic”  Rasheed Ogunlaru

Sometimes in the strive for perfection we miss out on it being real, honest, authentic. It can be true of our own growth and the things we turn our hands to.

Of course it’s important to do things well and to a high standard, but putting on my hat of being a artist – a singer and a writer – I know that all I have is my authenticity and to honour the song or the story i am telling. It’s this way you connect directly from and to the heart. And ALL of my best work has come through that way. Yes I need to be technically and qualitatively mindful but the energy, feeling, connection, expression, intention and honesty is key.

Not long ago I was in the recording studio writing and recording a song that emerged partly in tribute to a colleague who has recently passed. As I recorded it with my producer / arranger the whole thing came together organically through our authentic diligence, presence, ability, creativity and intention. I recorded the lead vocal and then the backgrounds.  After recording the lead I heard myself announce that that was the only take I would record. Because I – at last – was present in every phase. The emotion sang the song. Could it be sung better technically, yes. Could I be more authentic, no, that was that moment. It’s the only time I can recall singing just one take.

As a coach and author both my ‘Become who you are’ talk and my book ‘The Gift of Inner Success’ were recorded as one take – one stream of consciousness. My technical logical self could not create anything even close in content and impact. Likewise when it came to writing Soul Trader I felt that “I” could not write it but that creativity could. When I say “I” I mean purely the logical, conditioned me alone. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that that part of me could write a technically good book but not a great, honest, authentic one. And so I used the same starting point:  I recorded it and then I worked from there. But my focus was always on it being authentic, true and real rather than anything else. My take on these things is always ‘is it true to me, does it feel and ring true’ then I am happy with it.

Of course it does depend on what you are doing, but even where great technical precision is required from building a structure to being a doctor it’s essential that care, kindness, presence are there present. I coach so many people in business who feel they need to leave their heart, their self, their magic and purpose at the door. Not at all. It is your heart that will call people to your work – if you let it.



Rasheed Ogunlaru is an acclaimed life, business and corporate coach whose simple ‘become who you are’ approach has helped countless business owners connect with themselves, their businesses and their customers. His background spans over 20 years in coaching, training, media, PR and performance. Rasheed is the business coach partner to the British Library’s Business and IP Centre and business coach mentor to TiE UK. He is a highly sought-after public speaker and regularly appears in the media, including the BBC, The Times and the Guardian.

He is the author of ‘The Gift of Inner Success’ and ‘Soul Trader – Putting the heart back into your business.’ Kogan or Amazon

For information about coaching, motivational talks, or to order one of his inspiring books, CDs and MP3s visit his website or email him

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