Love-Fear, Beliefs and Grades of Duality in the Universe

I had an interesting discussion about dualties and the nature of love-fear, in a dualistic universe: the initial premise was that: Everything is Love, or its absence: fear. If you are holding Love, you cannot hold or come from a place of Fear. And if you are in a place of Fear, you cannot come from a place of Love.  Of course, now this has me curious.. is it possible to hold both? Maybe there is a place of super-position — where it is possible to maintain two points of position simultaneously? Or perhaps there is gradation on a scale between them in which both are always held in varying degrees…?

I can think of points/ places where I have held absolute love for someone, while at the same time feeling overwhelmed by the “fear” aspect of anger, betrayal, resentment.. So, are fear and love actually separate things- where it is possible to hold them both at the same time? I have held total compassion for a person when they have caused incredible pain and hurt- understanding a bigger picture.  this is particularly true as a healer– who might experience upset at a personal level ( fear-pain).. while understanding and holding love and compassion at the same time ( it’s a slippery slope, and often.. it sucks, as personal-mundane life happens, and holding professional-perspectives over emotional instances:)… much the way a parent might.. if their child breaks the gift from their grandparent that they held very close to their heart, cherishing a connection that cannot be re-created.. are they not holding both of those aspects simultaneously…?

I remember reading a bit of hermetic philosophy a while back. and in terms of polarity.. it talked about how love and hate ( fear) are actually aspects of the same vibration: passion. If you think about them in terms of gradation.. black and white on a colour scale.. it shifts incrementally from darker into lighter… At what point, does white, through all the shades of grey?

so- does this mean that love and fear are NOT the same energy…? or might it be that they are both gradations of one energy?

If gradations of the same energy.. then one can be holding, in fact IS holding.. love and fear at the same time. wow, isn’t that a deep and profound notion :).. it would also account for the premise that it is only possible to love to the same extent that it is to hate…

It does also take into account the war and peace aspect.. praying for one, is actually praying for the other.. I heard a great line.. worrying is like praying for what you don’t have…:)

I’m not entirely sure how praying for peace=war.. etc in terms of the energetic. I do know/ understand that the universe does not understand negation.. and praying for an end to war.. the only thing the universe hears.. is war.. — so that the goal is to “pray” toward what you want.. not for what you don’t want.. another example– please take my cancer away, is not the same as asking/ praying for- please make me healthy and strong.

I remember playing around with the notion that things are both masculine and feminine ( yin yang, insert duality here).. at the same time. that things intrinsically are both receiving and transmitting at the same time. the water takes moisture from the air.. and gives it to the soil… for example.. it is one action.. encompassing both aspects in that same motion/ moment.. I hope that made sense. 🙂

I’ll be curious to hear what others think– or what thoughts this might spark for consideration. share below 🙂



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