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I have worked in the lives of others for 45 years; and I also enjoy writing and broadcasting, making podcasts and videos and writing blogs and books…

I work at the core level helping my clients to live with more awareness, success, fulfilment, creativity and happiness.

I create a safe space for exploration to enable growth, development and clearing of inner tension.

I work in with many different situations, events and transitions that can occur in life.

I help with healing and growth during challenging periods of pain, loss and unexpected change in any area of life, as well as helping with the process of
moving through the confusion and distress that arises when your life is not unfolding as you hoped.

My work also encompasses the mentoring and guidance needed to facilitate times of expansion, new challenges and looking towards unrealised horizons.
I have a gift for seeing the energy of people and so guiding them to unravel stuck areas so that their energy flows freely to bring them to wholeness, and
true self expression.

The process is about healing of the self at the deepest core level.

I will guide and support you as you develop new skills, access latent talents and find inner strengths you didn’t know you had.

Through the process of transpersonal work it is possible to know and understand yourself better, become self aware, whole and healed and so live being more fully present in every moment.

For as long as I can remember I have been practising the art of clearing myself – the art of “Letting go”.

A lifetime spent freeing myself from reactivity.

This is the basic teaching of the Buddha.

To be present in every moment.

Reactivity is from the past; the moment we react to anything we are no longer present, we are no longer in the here and now…
Instead, we have been cast back to a time where we felt some hurt, which has remained with us and can be triggered in any moment.
It has then been reactivated by many different situations and thoughts, so deepening the hurt and keeping us attached to the self we associate with these hurts, and separate from our essential self.
Our Buddha-nature.

The true nature of each and every one of us is that of the Buddha, enlightened and clear.
Free from the pain of the duality of life:
Sad, happy. Success, failure. Light, dark. Pain ease. Good, bad. Love, hate.
Instead, we can experience freedom.
If we learn to clear and clear everything that arises from the wounded self, everything that we commonly throw out onto the situations we are seeing in front of us, when we react, rather than going within to clear.

The practise is to keep clearing until there is nothing left to clear, and over time instead of being attached to our created self, we are the self that comes from the source.
The no-self.
“Keep wiping the dust off the mirror until you recognise there is no mirror”