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  • Dane Street, Middlewich CW10 9EF, UK
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Author of adult paranormal romance series The Redcliffe Novels, Catherine Green was raised on books from a young age, and has happy memories of Saturday mornings spent in her small local library, devouring the contents of the shelves. Aside from the Redcliffe novels, Catherine has short stories published in YA anthologies, freelance articles on various industry websites, and contributes to her personal blog, and her author blog,

Catherine has always been fascinated by the supernatural world, and it feels natural for her to write about vampires, werewolves, witches and other mystical creatures in her contemporary stories. She is a shaman in training and a mother of two, with an interest in crafts and social history. She is also a ghost hunter, and has investigated many famous haunted locations, including the Edinburgh Vaults, Belgrave Hall and Bodelwyddan Castle. Catherine practises Law of Attraction and truly believes that everyone can achieve their dreams if they can step beyond the fear of social conformity.

Catherine is currently working on several writing projects, although she is slightly distracted by her young family! Taking a short break from the Redcliffe novels, Catherine has recently published The Darkness of Love with Chances Press. This is a Victorian vampire novel that tells the story of Marcus Scott from the Redcliffe novels series. Catherine is working on three more contemporary vampire novels as well, although at a slightly slower pace due to family commitments. After that, she will return to Redcliffe and continue writing book 4 in the series. Update: Book 4 is now published and is entitled – Eye of the Tiger.

You can order any of Catherine’s novels and short story anthologies from online bookstores, and you can order paperback copies from all high street book shops, although you may have to order them. Ebooks are available from Amazon, Smashwords, and other major eBook retailers.

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