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Limited Perception

Perception is a subject most people take for granted, and have little idea how limitless it can be. This is not a criticism, instead it is my own observation, my own perception, and this month, I have chosen the concept of Perception as the subject matter of this Blog.

This morning I was reading an article in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, and it told of a medical doctor who discovered she had stage 4 breast cancer, which had progressed into the lymphatic system. The article described how she underwent five bouts of chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, causing her to feel very ill, with all the known negative side effects. The doctor discovered cancer medicines that were introduced to the market many years ago, and were quite effective in helping to stem the advancement of the cancer, while being inexpensive. It seems the doctor was incredulous that the pharmaceutical companies preferred to promote the newer, more expensive drugs, and did not promote the older, cheaper, effective drugs.

Overall, the article conveyed to me the relative naivete of the doctor, and this coupled with my own experiences of doctors led me to write this article on Limited Perception. Anyone of limited perception is not aware that they are limited in their perception, and that is why they remain stuck and limited. There are far too many examples providing us with this understanding throughout history, when we can see how many people are limited in their perception, preferring to remain confined to conventional thought and perception. It is a known fact that when anyone produces something of a revolutionary nature there are three stages that the innovator experiences, usually;

  1. Repudiation and rejection of the innovation.
  2. Character assassination of the innovator.
  3. Adoption of the innovation.

However, when the innovation threatens the mighty industrial complex, the innovator is usually destroyed, and all evidence of the innovation confiscated. As examples, I cite Nicola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, and all those who discovered free energy, and inexpensive cures for cancer, diabetes, and such like. I read about the exploits of Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski in Texas, USA, who pioneered a healing technique of cancer, specializing in brain tumours, and who was mercilessly pursued by the American government for more than 25 years. The government was even found to have stolen his patents, and tried to indict Dr. Burzinski, by dragging him through many court proceedings with the intention of convicting him of malpractice and imprisoning him. Dr. Burzinksi spent millions of dollars in his own defence, and was able to turn the tables on the American government. I understand that Dr. Burzinski had many patients who testified on his behalf, which helped him win all the court cases. Instead of embracing what Dr. Burzinski had discovered and incorporated such innovation into the medical field for the benefit of cancer sufferers, they wanted to limit the ability of people to heal themselves of cancer.

There are so many similar stories, I regret to say, and my purpose for writing this article is to bring to the attention of those who are interested, that the perception of so many is so limited, so as to be detrimental to the good health and well-being of everyone. I especially have in mind the Allopathic Medical profession, the doctors of which take the Hippocratic Oath not to do harm, and yet, through ignorance, greed, ego, and corruption, that is exactly what they do. However, my focus is also upon those hapless people who give their power away to the doctor, and believe everything that is told to them, in most cases, without question. In this case, the people lack sufficient perception to see beyond the misinformation, corruption and the limited perception of far too many doctors. Recently, someone I know was encouraged by doctors into having a pace-maker, and without doing further research, and possibly other, alternative methods of dealing with an uneven heartbeat, the pace-make was installed. Now my friend wished he had not done that, because, he tells me that he feels worse than he did before the pace-maker. The doctors say that the pace-maker is working properly, and they ignore his protests at not feeling well.

Perception is not confined to medical conditions, obviously, but, it nevertheless seems to be the field where more people are affected and is more easily observed. In all my writings, I discuss how observation and perception can be expanded, which can only be done by first expanding Conscious Awareness, which, in turn, is the consequence of raising Consciousness. As Consciousness rises, perception expands, and here is my example to describe this natural, yet ignored natural phenomenon:

Stand with your noise touching a wall.

Your perception of the wall is about 12 inches/30cm horizontally, and about half that vertically. Let us say that this is where the perception is of most people. Those who meditate, or practice any kind of Self-Development procedure, practice, technique to help raise consciousness will usually experience a shift in perception, and this is exemplified by the following:  If such a person takes one step backwards from the wall. Immediately, the perception, both horizontally and vertically become exponentially expanded. This process of expanding perception is natural and easy! A person is only to develop that which is already there. The fact that just about all political leaders, just about all the industrial complex, the medical professionals, and I am generalizing, because there are those who do not belong to this group of human beings who are limited in perception, are a major reason why human society is in such a mess. This can be changed, but, in order for human society to change, individual human beings, who make up the society are to change first, then the group will change naturally, as a reflection of the individuals. Then, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

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