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Keeping Your Ego From Getting Out of Control

Caroline NettleWhy does the ego have so much power over us?

The ego is born when we separate from the Divine and decide to incarnate on earth. We spend a life time of pain trying to get back to where we have come from, and are aware that we are missing a great part of ourselves, but are unsure as to where to find it, so we keep searching.

The ego is the part of our mind that is determined to keep us separate from the Divine, and all good things like love, compassion and peace. It wants us to suffer and feel pain, because then it has won. If we find true love again, the role of the ego will be finished, and so it fights really hard to keep us separate from the Divine. It has a motto- “Search and do not find” so that we are always searching and never finding what we need.

It is the voice in our heads that tells us we are not good enough, or that we cannot hear the Divine because we are not worthy of true love. It reminds us of all the times that we have failed or made mistakes in order that we give up trying to change. It tells us that we are better than others, or worse than others, so that it can keep up the facade of separation, because again, unity would be unemployment for the ego.

When we are learning to listen to our own guidance, it will tell us that we are making it up, or worse still, it will pretend to be our inner guidance, and paint pictures of material wealth and power and adulation.

How can you tell it is the ego speaking and not your inner wisdom?

The ego will change its message often. True guidance remains constant.

The Divine’s message will always be loving, kind, compassionate and resonate with your talents and interests. The ego can be cruel, critical, unkind, and tell you to do things that do not feel right to you.

Divine’s message is rarely about material wealth or fame. The ego loves to paint pictures of material success.

The motivation of the ego is purely selfish. Messages from the Divine are very often about how you can be of service to others or the planet.

These are just some of the methods that the ego uses to keep us from living a full and happy life, and really sharing our talent with the world. It wants us to be frightened and hide so that we cannot find the love that we are searching for.

Each one of us is searching for love. We do it in different ways, and have differing levels of success. Understanding what the ego is trying to do, and keeping an eye on what you are thinking will help you to ignore the messages from your ego. Check out your truth with people that you love- Am I good enough? Am I worthy of love? Do I deserve goods things in my life?

If enough people tell you the truth instead of the lies that your ego will tell you, you can gradually begin to know the difference between Divine guidance and the ego, and take away its power over you. This will lead you to be able to trust your intuition and really concentrate on love, service, and developing yourself spiritually. You are worth it!



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