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Karma Travels the Time Continuum

I have written about this in my books, that time is an illusion, which seems to be more or less confined to the Third Dimensional Reality. Michael Talbot wrote The Holographic Universe, which gives excellent credence to this understanding, one which I support, and which I go into much more deeply in a few of my other books. In India, there is a Sanskrit word for this illusion, and that is, “Maya.” So, let us accept that time is an artificial construct, and in reality, there is no past or future. Instead we only have the present moment, the Now Moment.

The author, and Spiritual Guide, Eckhart Tolle wrote a magnificent book, entitled, The Power of Now, which I recommend, and which describes the Now Moment in detail. However, if you and I travelled in a time machine and we went back into the past, we would see ourselves as younger people, so how does this illusion operate.

This is how time operates: Past, Present and Future all occur simultaneously! It is called a Time Continuum for this reason, and this is how the past, present, and future can be changed;

  1. For the past to change, a life lesson is well learned, forgiveness is embodied, a learned belief and a learned pattern of behavior are changed, that occurred in the past, especially if Karma was incurred. In this sense, the past can be changed or affected in some form, even if it is on a subtle basis, but the truth is that anything is possible, depending upon the state of the consciousness of the individual creator of that reality.
  2. The Present, Now Moment is the only moment creation takes place, and which can affect the entire Time Continuum.
  3. If we are exercising a specific state of Conscious Awareness, and a certain level of Consciousness, whatever we think, say and do is projected into the future as probabilities.
  4. If we change our thoughts, speech and actions, the Universe/Creation adjusts itself to accommodate your shift, and the Future probability changes accordingly.

Therefore, whatever Karma we incur, the price we are to pay will be exacted from us throughout our Time Line, whatever incarnation we choose to resolve that Karma.

This is why there is no escape from any thought, spoken word, or action performed, and in this respect, it would be most advisable to be absolutely sure that whatever we think, speak and action performed are beyond reproach, and Life Supporting.

That means no judging of others, not to be mean, not to harm any life form, person, or even the planet. In this sense humans score very low, because we are always at war, we explode atomic bombs and worse, inside the Earth and outside, we think we know better than Creation, so we modify our food that actually poisons us and the animals that are eaten. Such animals suffer untold torture, and do you really think that this goes without incurring significant karma?? Do you think that buying your animal flesh in a packet that you are not supporting animal exploitation, cruelty and torture?? Humans destroy the habitats of many animal species, and we complain when they come looking for food.

The truth is, that if people really want to lessen their suffering, they would be advised to consider what Karma they are signing up for, and what will happen to them as Universal retribution is exacted.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.