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Julia’s Podcast series Bodhisattva Conversations with….. Athena Jane

Artist Athena Jane creates installations, imaginary worlds, projects and experiences inviting viewers, participants and audiences to step into a world between the real and the imagined and journey within.

Her work encompasses all these realms and she loves living a creative life following her inspiration, creating artwork in many ways and working with people.

Her work is highly imaginative expressing her inner world, at times that takes the form of theatre sets or walk through installations, gallery exhibitions, or art that appears in unexpected places. Sometimes it is tiny boxes of memories and dreams. Sometimes it takes the form of creating projects and working with others to help them develop their creativity.

She has more than 20 years of experience creating and realising theatre sets and artwork and fifteen years creating and leading arts projects.

In our podcast we explore in particular the last 20 months of Athena Jane’s life….
You can find out more about her here