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It’s Not A Gift

The ability to play football is not a gift. In fact, I don’t believe there really is anything that we are “gifted” with. The definition of gifted means “talented, accomplished, proficient, expert.” Society deems someone “gifted” when they are successful at what they set out to do.

I’m going to argue that you may not even need the talent for it…plenty of successful people will tell you that they didn’t think they had the talent, but had the love, drive and perseverance for their passion, thus becoming accomplished and considered gifted.

Once upon a time, I was nominated for “Athlete of the Quarter” in high school (yes, you can laugh). I led an awesome aerobics class! Was I talented? Heck no! (Those who know me will fully agree!) But I had passion and drive, and that’s what was noticed.Picture

People who are considered “successful” hone in on what they love, practice the hell out of it, and don’t let anything get in the way of their passion.

Likewise, “psychic ability” is not a gift reserved for a lucky few.

I could choose to play a sport. I would certainly never be called “gifted.” But I could play and love it! And may even become accomplished in it with some (much) perseverance.

You can sing. You may never become a viable contestant on American Idol, but you can choose to sing, not judge yourself, and love it!

It’s time to stop calling “psychic ability” a gift. It’s not. It’s a birthright given to us all, and it simply means:

Following your gut.

Following your gut (and heart) will help you navigate everything from which route to take to work to what to say to a grieving co-worker. It’s a necessary skill to be developed in this current state of the world. Here are a few steps:

  • Recognize that intuition (psychic ability) is inside everyone, including you.
  • It is normal. You are normal.
  • Coincidences are meaningful.
  • It’s not woo-woo. It’s a part of who we all are and it’s time to recognize it.

The only difference between you and the “gifted psychic expert” is that they’ve chosen to completely trust their intuition and share with it others. That’s it. (Incidentally, I’m not talking about the gypsy fortune tellers at carnivals, I’m talking about those who have dedicated their lives to guide others in finding their joy.)

In order to make this world a saner, more joyful place to live, it is necessary that you follow your intuition. Develop your talent. Need help? It’s why I teach what I teach. Contact me.

In the meantime,
Live in Love.



Carrie Beleno is an Intuitive Reiki master/teacher, spiritual leader, inspirational speaker, medium and author.

She received a phone call from an anonymous man from Tibet who told her that she was a “powerful healer” and needed to trust and step fully into that role. Since that call, Carrie has written two books: The Night Yoda Phoned: My Direction From Spirit and Because Yoda Said So: Following Your Intuition.

It is her mission to help humanity live in love and move from chaos to calm!







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