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Invocation To Reclaim Self!

This invocation seems to be developing more interest by those who hear about it, and wish to clear themselves and release themselves of all previously made, in this lifetime and all previous lifetimes, vows, intentions, agreements, contractual arrangements and promises that are now redundant, and yet which are still influencing one’s life in the present time.

This powerful Invocation to Reclaim Self as inviolate, without any limiting attachment, can also be seen, along with many other possibilities to help Self-Healing, Self-Improvement and Self-Empowering.  In my book, Affirmations, Invocations, Mantras & Prayers, this Invocation can be seen in chapter 1, page 12.

Blog/Article #B11, Invocation To Reclaim Self!

All my books and all my Blogs/Articles, and much more can be accessed on my website. However, I am offering this Invocation to Reclaim Self, without any charge, in the form of this article, and which is my service to help those who wish to help themselves be clear of all past energetic influences and limitations that are redundant and hinder their progress in life.

Invocation to Reclaim Self – Explanation Reclamation of Self

It is my knowing that most, if not all, human beings struggle in one way or another, in this Three Dimensional reality, here, on Planet Earth. The rich want to be richer, and the poor want to be more prosperous. There are those who are addicted to accumulating possessions of one sort or another, there are many who are sick, and the rich realise that money cannot save them. There are many who have disenfranchised themselves, and have allowed themselves to be enslaved in one way or another. There is always a war or conflict going on somewhere on the planet. People kill people, animals, and even the planet. Few know who or what they truly are, and most just exist or survive in any way they can. I think I have painted an accurate picture of life on this planet, even though it sounds dreadful. Well, it is dreadful, but it does not have to be this way. We, humans, can change everything, ONLY if we are willing to first change ourselves!!! Mahatma Gandhi told us, “We are to be the change we wish to see in the world.” In this sense, the question I ask is, why cannot humans be the change they wish to see and experience in our world? While the question is simple enough, the answer is many fold, and quite complicated for those who insist on limiting their perception and conscious awareness.

This is my perception;

  1. People re-incarnate in order to learn life lessons and evolve.
  2. To do so, they are to neutralise all limiting karma, or, what we can term, ‘negative’ karma.
  3. Not to continue creating ‘negative’ karma.
  4. To heal all that within each one of us that is to be healed.
  5. To exchange any and all limiting learned beliefs and patterns of behaviour for that which is limitless.
  6. To change any programme of a negative, destructive nature for one that is positive and life supporting.
  7. To adopt practices that enhance and develop human potential, by expanding Conscious Awareness and Developing one’s innate Consciousness.

If you have read any of my works, you can appreciate that all this is what I have been writing about for many years. In this sense, one of the greatest gifts anyone can give to themselves is the ‘Reclamation of their Self,’ which is another vast subject, but in this article, I am confining my focus to eliminating and neutralizing all that we agreed to, in previous lives, for whatever reasons, valid and invalid, that we have carried forward into this life. Each one of us has a past, a history, that continues to affect us in this life, because that is the programme that is running our lives, and we can change that, if we choose to do so. I begin with the following, which is a statement of intent that is self-explanatory, and may be helpful to you, or someone you know who struggles in life.

Invocation to Reclaim Self: Intention!

The following Practice of the Reclamation of Self is to be said aloud, with power and conviction, and which is an effective way to change your past and present, and future. It helps to dissolve any contractual agreement in any and all lives, past, present and future, and the words are encoded with loving and healing energy frequencies. This Invocation will help release and dissolve all and any karma, belief system, pattern of behavior that no longer serves your highest good, if you are ready to accept full responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions, and the reality you have co-created.

I suggest you find a quiet place, centre yourself, close your eyes, with your awareness upon your breath. Breathe deeply and evenly through your nose, following your breath in and out. As soon as you feel composed, balanced and at peace, begin to say the Invocation aloud, with courageous intent and positive conviction. The encoded Intention works its miracle by and of itself, coupled with your strength of positive conviction. Release any energy through the crown chakra, or from any location on or within your physical body. Benefits include the release and dissolution of karma (coupled with forgiveness and love for all parties concerned), relationships, anxiety, fear, mental chatter, karma, contracts and agreements. Your conscious awareness expands, while your consciousness is heightened in all areas, providing greater feelings of focus, purpose, Universal Love, Happiness, Harmony & Peace, together with a general improvement of conscious/sub-conscious perception.

The Invocation to Reclaim Self – Practice

I, …………………………..(state your full name)…………, as a spiritual human being, do hereby revoke and renounce any and all forms of vows and agreements that no longer serve me for my highest good, in this now moment, which includes all dimensions, all parallel universes, all time lines, past, present, and future. I now demand and direct with Love, that all, and any of those thought forms, which may be attached to any and all agreements I may have made, or directly to any of my energy fields, to STOP, to DESIST and to DEPART from all my energy fields now and forever, and, immediately go to the DIVINE LIGHT, taking all forms of attached control energies with you.

And so it is!

I now dedicate my complete Self to be the purest expression of Divine Love and Compassion, for the good of myself and all of creation.  I dedicate my complete Self to my own Self-Healing, Self-Empowerment, and Development of my full spiritual and human potential, and of the raising of my consciousness.

And so it is!

To all aspects of myself, to all I have interacted with, in all dimensions, in all parallel universes, in all time lines, past, present, future, I forgive you for participating in, and allowing those limiting agreements, as I also forgive my complete Self for not remembering my own Divinity,

To all thought forms, all energy forms, all beings and experiences, in all dimensions, all parallel universes, all time lines, past, present, and future, which participated in any limiting agreement with me, I forgive you in Love, as I forgive myself. With Love and Compassion, I forgive you for whatever reason you felt the need to limit and control me, as, also with Love and Compassion do I forgive myself, for whatever reason I felt it necessary for me to be limited, controlled or influenced, by anything or anyone external to MySelf, thus, giving my power away to any such external energy or intelligence, other than to MySelf.

We are now all healed and forgiven!

We are now all healed and forgiven!

We are now all healed and forgiven!

I see and feel, within and without my Self, that I am bathed in the Divine Light of the I Am Presence.

I, and all aspects of my essence are now lifted to the higher frequencies of Divine Love.

I, and all aspects of my essence, are now filled with the protective Love and White Light of the Divine Realms of Creation.

All forms of limiting and controlling agreements and attachments are now released, free from all attachments. I Am Free and Clear to be my Pure, Authentic Self!

Previously attached fear, pain and anger are now released and healed. I further ask the Divine Source of All to help me replenish my energy, vitality, and well- being, in a Divine and Perfect way.

And so it IS!

I request the Divine Source of All to help me heal any remaining wounds, scars, trauma, and to protect me forever from any negative influence, which may prevent me from living according to Divine Will.

And so it is!

I give myself permission to be my AUTHENTIC SELF, in my power, and pure of heart, clear of mind, with a healthy body, living in Joy, prosperity and fulfillment, all with ease and Grace, in a Divine and Perfect way.

And So It Is!








I now suggest that you allow yourself some minutes to process and integrate what you have just experienced. When you feel ready and so inclined commence your activities, remaining aware that you have now initiated a shift deep within yourself, and this positive change is consolidated the more you pronounce this Invocation.

Share this with others whom you feel may require it.

I also ask you to let me know how this Invocation has helped you in any way. Please go to my website, and send me a message on the Contact page. Thank you.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.