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Increasing Entropy, Increasing Madness! There is a Solution!!!

It seems from my observation that there is, currently, much more disorder all over our planet, with demonstrations of increasing madness or lunacy. This entropy and madness are, in my opinion, precursors to the breakdown of established structures in all countries on Planet Earth. These established structures have been in place for centuries, or much longer, and they have never really worked, because, from my own observation of history, this planet has never been totally free of war, strife, or conflict, within any one country, or involving several countries. Look at the Viking invasions, and many other invasions by many other nationalities, including the Roman invasions, and two thousand years later it is no different. The only difference is that now we use greater technology.

Increasing Entropy, Increasing Madness! There is a Solution!!!

Therefore, the present structures do not work for the people at all. Instead, the industrial/military complex serve those who make money and gain power from war and conflict. The religions of the world have not really been able to help humanity live in peace. The medical system of the West treats the symptoms of a disease and not its cause, and people are dying and suffering in far greater numbers, in spite of medical progress, even as Allopathic Medicine does not recognize alternative methods of healing and wellness. The financial structure of our society seems to be designed to keep most people in lack by the few who control the money supply and its distribution. The majority of the people work harder, at more than one job, for less money, and greater suffering. Food and water are contaminated, the animals are suffering, as they are abused and tortured, unnecessarily, indicating that so many humans have become disconnected from their soul, and their conscience.

Lastly, most people have been conditioned to believe and feel that there are no alternatives to the way they live, and the way they see life unfolding for them. In one word, they are the disenfranchised people of our planet who number in the billions. Very few people, relatively speaking, tell them they have other alternatives and possibilities, but such wisdom is ignored as the ravings of dysfunctional people. This observation is a classic example of the Law of Correspondence, whereby a person projects what they perceive, feel, know, believe, and act, on to other people, accusing them of that which they emulate, themselves.

It does not have to take a rocket scientist to see that all these structures have to change, by being broken down, and replaced with structures that are much more equitable for everyone. Common sense, and a certain pragmatism, tell us that humanity cannot continue in this manner for much longer. The question is, what will take the place of these dysfunctional structures? The answer lies in the reality, that each and every leader of any group, or society or people, in every country, is the expression of the consciousness of the people who voted for that person , or, who did not vote at all, and the voting majority allowed such an unsuitable leader or unsuitable leaders to remain in office, in spite of the damage caused. In another scenario, you have a democratic process, whereby the majority produce a leader, which the minority find unacceptable, and who want to change the democratic process according to their wishes, and thus being undemocratic, and more like mob-rule. These are the issues, problems and challenges facing a population who are not functioning in balance, or utilizing more of their unused conscious awareness and consciousness. In fact the average person on this planet uses, as I have been informed by the field of science, about 5% to 10% of their mental potential/minds, and only see about 5% of the light spectrum, which means most people do not see, at all, about 95% of creation in which they exist. Yes, this is shocking, but few seem to be interested!

The ONLY solution to all our specie’s ills is for more people to expand their conscious awareness, and raise their consciousness. Unfortunately, most people do not know what consciousness is, and that prompted me to write a book entitled, Emissaries of Consciousness, wherein I explain, to the best of my ability, what consciousness is and is not. This is why I have been prompted, guided, and even compelled by some inner power to write the books I present on my website, so that people may educate themselves as to their greater options in the development of their greater potential. I also provide tools to help them! I acquired the knowledge of these tools, techniques, and modalities during sixty three years of study, practice, sharing and discovering, and which I present to all who are interested.

I want to inspire all who are interested to realise that you and seven billion plus of us humans on this planet have the free will to make different choices, choices that can be for our highest good. In order to do this we are to change our learned, limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior, which are all recorded in our sub-conscious minds, then rebuild our lives and help rebuild a human society that embodies greater knowledge of Self, Universal Love and Compassion, with the new ability to help create a Golden Age for all of Humanity, and all life forms, including our Beloved Planet Earth. Such healing within the sub-conscious mind is relatively easy, with the correct use of the appropriate modality. To begin with, all it takes is to make a choice, then to focus on that choice, and to summon inner courage to help keep inviolate the focus. It sounds easy, but for many, to make that choice seems to prove a big challenge. Let me put it to you this way, if we, humans do not change our ways, the reality we are currently creating and experiencing in 2019 will continue, with disastrous results. If we want to triumph over our present Existential Threat we are to change for the better, then the results will be different, and so much better.

The choice is for each individual and each society, and the entire population of humanity to make, and NOW is the time!



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.