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What is the Importance of Angels in Our Lives Today?

Caroline NettleEven a casual observer of the world around them will acknowledge that we are living in times of great change. Weather patterns are much more variable, political changes are occurring around the world and even religious views are changing at a very rapid and sometimes dramatic rate. These changes are creating a sense of unease around the world, but are also providing the opportunity to make some very positive and life altering decisions.

The ancient Mayans foresaw the days we live in as the “End of Time”. The year 2012 was seen as both an ending, and also a new beginning. Humans, as a group, tend to dislike change whatever form it takes. We long for and crave routine as a species, feeling threatened when change occurs in the world around us. Change is inevitable however. Even uncontrollable aspects of our lives, like the weather, can impact our daily lives as the price of food increases or travel becomes difficult.

Despite all this instinctive intolerance of change, individuals may find that these times of change strike a chord within their inner being. They may want to shed the old traditional beliefs that are out dated, and study new philosophies. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of self-help groups, workshops, healing practices and in the enormous amount of literature available on these topics. The main focus of all of these activities is to become more authentic in the way we think and live, and find peace and happiness.

Making changes of any nature is going to be challenging and requires courage and dedication. Knowing that there are angelic beings there to help you make decisions and to chart your personal growth course is both comforting and encouraging. Angels, as messengers of God, are with you every step of your journey. All you need to do is to ask questions and look for their answers. They will provide help and guide you as to how to become a better version of yourself.

Angels are around us all the time. There are literally hundreds of thousands of angels that work directly with people that are open to hear their messages. These messages, delivered solely with love, peace and compassion, will help you in any area of your life where you are struggling. Angels can provide guidance on financial matters, life choices, health, and, of course, with friendship and romance.

Some of the answers the angels give allow us the space to decide for ourselves. We are at all times allowed to make decisions for ourselves, and the angels will never go against this. In many situations the angels provide guidance but allow you to actually discover the answer that is right for you. This is part of the learning and helps you to grow personally and spiritually. The angels may also provide more direct answers, through people in your life that say what it is you need to hear, or through the words of lyrics on songs, or in a book, or poem, or by any other means that they can get us to listen. Once you have asked a question, be mindful to watch out for their messages as it may come in any form. They always answer once they have been asked.

The aim of the angels around you is to bring peace and harmony into the world, one person at a time. They do this by showing you where in your life you are blocked, and offer guidance as to how to successfully unblock yourself. This could be in the form of highly negative or destructive behaviours, or choices you make that are not in your own best interest. These loving messages are honest, non-judgmental and given in a loving manner, enabling the listener to hear how they can improve their life. Even if you decide to not take the advice of the angels, they will continue to support you and provide constant love and guidance as you move through your life.

Angel readings are a wonderful way to gain insight into the information that your personal angels are trying to communicate to you. Providing angel readings over the internet has provided me with the opportunity to work with people all over the world to help them communicate directly with their angels. The readings can be done on Skype and I will record the session and email you the recording. I will also help you to learn to communicate directly with your angels, which is what I really love to do.

I am always willing to answer any questions you may have about angel readings or communicating with angels. Once you book your reading you will be amazed at the information the angels provide, allowing you to bring peace, happiness and personal growth into your life.



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