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Imbolc Sunshine

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davThis is the season of Imbolc, early February, when winter still holds the Earth captive, but Spring is beginning to awaken. I am delighted to find a large clump of beautiful snowdrops at the bottom of our garden, and more growing in other borders. We have a sprinkling of purple crocuses brightening the dull ground, and some other green shoots that I am hoping will reveal daffodils, but I am a very amateur gardener at present, so I cannot be certain. Our garden needs some attention, with overgrown grass and dead plants in the flowerbeds. I will work on it when the weather allows and will take great pride in doing so.

As I walked beside the canal earlier this week, I realised that the ducks were sitting on top of a sheet of ice that covers the water. Although that day felt mild, and there was no frost, the canal is still cold and sheltered in places, so the ice is thick and solid. It is not solid enough for human weight, of course, and my dog has come close to falling in a few times, clumsy animal! But the ducks seemed quite happy on the ice, some of them were even fast asleep with their heads tucked under their wings. I wondered if they were stuck to the ice, but then one lifted its leg and stretched its body, as if to tell me they were fine, and I could continue my walk in peace. Imbolc blessings, my friends!



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