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I Want to Grow a Witchy Garden

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When we moved house last summer, we inherited a fantastic large garden. It has established trees and shrubs, a rockery, a strawberry patch, and all sorts of other hidden delights that I am excited to discover as the season turns.


We moved in June, during the summer heatwave, so most of the plants had already died off and I struggled to save everything. Now I am discovering that new shoots are growing, we have a large clump of gorgeous snowdrops at the bottom of the garden, my strawberry patch is scattered with beautiful purple crocuses, and I think we may even have daffodils or narcissi growing, but I’m still learning.

Last week I visited a garden centre and purchased a selection of plants that are now sitting in my greenhouse until the weather improves. I want to grow edible plants and those that I can use for natural magical spells, part of my witchcraft. I have wanted to do this for many years but never quite got around to it, being good at procrastinating and finding other diversions, as we do.

Anyway, now I have no excuses. I have a huge garden, a big greenhouse, and some time to devote to the project. I just need to learn and experiment, trusting in my process and accepting that it won’t all come naturally straight away. I think I am about to become one of the Great British Gardening enthusiasts! It might even inspire me to do some proper cooking, who knows? The possibilities are endless.



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