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I Should Have Died but Divine Purpose Saved Me

Ann PeckhamSeveral years ago during the time that I was working as a ground worker for a tree surgery company in Germany something truly amazing happened.

I had not gone out with the team one day as I had stayed back at the yard to do some clothes washing.

I was sitting on a chair in the bar about 3 to 4 feet in front of the large wood burner. The burner had a large glass front. The fire was not going very well so the bar man came over to it, opened the glass front, poured petrol onto it and shut the door again.

I remained sitting in front of the fire as he went outside.

One or two minutes later there was an almighty explosion as the glass front was shattered and blown forcibly into the room.

Shards 12-18 inches long and razor sharp were shot right to the back of the room at least 15 feet away.

Not a single one hit me!

The barman came running back in and was amazed (and relieved) I was still alive. When the men returned from work and found the chair that I had been sitting on still where I had been sitting on it, and saw the devastation of the exploded wood burner, they were stunned that I had not only not been killed but had not even been scratched.

They still talk about the amazing Ann and her incredible protection right up to today.

I have had several other amazing near death experiences. Twice I have nearly drowned. Once when I was 15 and on holiday in Spain with my parents. They were arguing again and did not notice as I tried to get out of the sea, which was post storm rough, that I was knocked down each time I tried to get out and then the back draft pulled me under as I was hit by the next pounding wave. The beach was a steep slope of fine gravel, and as I tried to gain purchase on the beach to haul myself out the gravel became lodged under my fingernails. And I was dragged under again and again.

Finally I gave up and let go and, although I didn’t realise it, I let Source Energy/ God take over. At that point it was as if something lifted me clear and I was thrown onto the dry land. I realised then that I could not depend on my parents to ever rescue me, but I could depend on a Source much more powerful.

The second time was when my boys were only about 5 and 7 and we were on holiday in the South of France camping with the CCCF  (Campers and Caravaners Christian Fellowship). One afternoon we all went to the swollen river to go Canadian canoeing. I was told that it was easier to row if I knelt with my legs under the seat whilst I was sitting on the seat. We came to a particularly dangerous rapid it was decided that the boys got out of the canoe and be walked around it as their dad and I shot the rapid. I am eternally grateful for that decision.

As what happened next I feel they would not have survived.

With a canoe, especially an open Canadian one, it is very important to be going faster than the water to ensure that you get through safely.

As we approached the top of the rapid a young family, in a large dingy, floated out from the side of the river. Tim, “gentleman” as he was, braked to allow them to go through first. This was a novice mistake and as the canoe slowed the water turned it and when it went sideways to the flow it tipped and the water flooded in flipping it upside down.

Tim floated free but as my legs were under the seat I was trapped. Then the canoe got wedged against the rocks and the force of the water kept it there.

I wriggled and tried to get my legs free but nothing was moving I was truly wedged in there and running out of breath. And again I let go and let God and with that I floated free.

I feel that the Germany exploding wood burner event was so definitely, without any shadow of a doubt, a certain death scenario. The fact that I was sitting so close to it and there were deathly shards of glass right behind where I was sitting was proof enough to me that I have been protected all of my life.

I know that my life has been saved on several occasions but the German one was so miraculous that I can be left in no doubt that there is a Divine Purpose for my life.

It has taken me about 10 years since that incident to deeply move into the Presence and be fully who I am.

I know that I am destined to help many women to step into the light and reclaim their divine birth right.

I was not saved for selfish reasons. I know that my life was saved because I will achieve great steps in setting women free to reach for their dreams and live in freedom with love and light.



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