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‘I Love You, Thank You, Thank You, I Love You…’

We have just arrived in Richmond, with the feel of a bank holiday weekend all about… The temperature is giving an impression of being warmer than Essaouira with the absence of a lively Atlantic coast wind whipping its way across the shores… People are gathered outside pubs and coffee shops, sipping on wine, lattes and glasses of cold beer…

We left our Gatwick home and saw my favourite car as we crossed the car park – which one day I will hire for a visit instead of our shiny midnight blue Fiat 500 – which I love very much, of course – but the Ferrari beckons to me, and pops up at odd times to remind me of its presence… In Gatwick short stay, or in Marbella luxury car hire, opposite were we chose to have some lunch…

The Ferrari beckons to me 😄

This morning I trained again on the treadmill in my ‘Gatwick gym’, I feel ready to start to introduce some regular intervals… They have been abandoned as I have been building my base miles, other than a few 200m strides on Conil de Famara beach, I have just concentrated on the distance run.

It is very important in any endeavour we undertake, that we build a very firm foundation… If we always think in terms of building, building, building – then this prevents us breaking down…

Over time we will feel invincible, even if the processes to build a base seem slower of even boring at times…

But as the saying goes… ‘Champions make a habit of doing the things other people find boring or uncomfortable…’

And we can all be champions, by ‘following through’, step by step, day by day and the foundation to whatever we dream of will be set, and the regular practices have become the norm…

One of the simplest shifts of perspective that can make all the difference, is the days when you might think… ‘It won’t matter if I miss today’, instead is to recognise that it will matter…

This of course isn’t in any way meaning that we ignore messages from the body, of when to rest or back off… That is entirely different… But this is about changing any attitude of ‘not bothering, just because…’

The wonderful thing about being human, is that we can completely alter our lives by altering our attitude, and sometimes it is by only tiny degrees… Which of course when we look at that mathematically, and draw the lines out from a shift of a few degrees, it grows bigger and bigger and bigger!

I am focused on creating a very strong base in the coming weeks and months…

Because I am acutely aware that ‘El Plan’ to run across Spain from the North to the South coast is a huge ask, and a huge task… To do it I will need to be very fit and very strong… I am also aware that many people are following me on this journey…. Which is absolutely fabulous, and I am very excited to be sharing the adventure…

And so today I re introduced my standard interval session of 3 minute repetitions with a 1 min jog recovery… The session will build to 10 reps but today I ran 6 reps at a comfortable and flowing  7.30 mile pace… The treadmill told me my pace; very helpful!

I also have discovered that the rhythm of my running step meant that 20 of one of my favourite mantras, the Krishna Das… ‘I love you, thank you, thank you, I love you’ was a minute of running… It is a Mantra I once repeated for an entire marathon in the Grand Cayman, and one that allows me to easily stay in the step in a joyous meditation on the move!

‘I love you, thank you, thank you, I love you’




I have been running all of my life – it feels I was born to run. In the running step I experienced freedom and my true expression. I came to see that I needed to ‘get out of the way of myself’ and let my energy flow through the running step; allow it to express itself in the dance and the motion of running. I ran for England and GB for some years. My first international was in 1979, a three mile cross country race; and I continued to run at international level until 1993. Two of my best results were first place in the Dublin City Marathon in 1985 and 7th place woman, 3rd British woman in the 1986 London Marathon in a time of 2.36.31, which gained me selection for the Commonwealth Games.

As a little girl I ran barefoot for many years, and then I put on shoes to race around the world. Fifty years later I am travelling the world as a nomad with my husband Anadi and I have taken off my shoes and I am running barefoot again….



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