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Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy: What it is and is not!

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I am a retired Clinical Hypnotherapist, although I do help people from time to time, when my inner guidance directs me to do so. However, to all intents and purposes I have retired from that excellent healing profession. Nevertheless, consequent to my subsequent books I have written, and the many articles I have written, mostly about Self-Help, Self-Healing, Self-Improvement, and Self-Empowerment, people ask me to explain what Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis is and is not. Most people, have, unfortunately, an archaic and a limited perception and understanding of Hypnosis, and consequently, they fear it and Hypnotherapists, believing that such take over control of their minds and themselves. This, of course is totally and absolutely erroneous.

Hypnosis is a fast, effective healing modality that can successfully address and resolve many issues that are connected to learned limiting beliefs, learned limiting patterns of behaviour, and learned negative and limiting programming by parents, school teachers, and those acceptable social mores of society, that are limiting, suppressive and controlling. Hypnotherapy is also an excellent tool to ascertain the origin of an issue in a past life (past incarnation), and this particular aspect of hypnotherapy became my specialty. For more information on Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy, I suggest you read the book, ‘Many Lives, Many Masters,’ written by Dr. Brian Weiss, who is regarded as the foremost authority on Past Life Therapy (regression, recall), and Future Life Therapy (progression). This is a safe therapy that can do no harm depending upon the intent and quality of both the subject being treated, and the therapist.

In my practice, in the United States of America, I helped many people, covering a full range of issues, including the ability to help trapped energy entities to vacate their host and move into the Light. I also became adept at helping such lost souls, who found a safe haven within the auric energy field of their hosts, to pass on to the Light and continue their own discarnate lives in their own evolution by healing themselves.

First, I would like to provide you with a brief history of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

About 250 years ago, A Viennese (Austrian) physician, Franz Mesmer (1734 – 1815) noticed a street magician performing various acts using magnetic stones (lodestones). The street performer declared that he could make people do his bidding, by simply touching the spectator with his lodestone. He demonstrated that he could, indeed, achieve his intention, and Franz Mesmer was impressed. What was to emerge much later, was the ability to influence someone to do your bidding being based in the power of suggestion under certain conditions and circumstances, and not because of the lodestones.

However, Frans Mesmer thought that the ability to influence another lay in the use of magnets, and his theory of magnetism emerged, after which he became immensely popular with his patients. Little did anyone know that Mesmer was just employing suggestion therapy to the receptive sub-conscious minds of those who were convinced of Mesmer’s abilities. In this sense, the recipients of the therapy were using AUTO-SUGGESTION on themselves. This healing process was called ‘Mesmerism.’

In 1840, an English physician, Dr. James Braid was introduced to ‘Mesmerism,’ also known as ‘Animal Magnetism, through various events of synchronicity, and Braid decided to call this phenomenon ‘Hypnosis,’ for the English speaking world, which was derived from Greek. In Greek ‘hypnos’ means sleep, and hypnosis means, ‘put to sleep.’ This was totally inaccurate, because in hypnosis the subject is NOT asleep, and rather, is in a heightened state of awareness, while accessing the sub-conscious mind.

There is much more to the colourful history of the cognition and development of hypnosis, and its therapeutic application in hypnotherapy, but I feel this abridged version satisfies my intention to give a brief overview of this intriguing subject.

Hypnotherapy is the process by which the therapist hypnotizes the subject, who enters a trance-like state, which is like an alpha brain wave state of awareness, maybe even deeper, and is totally relaxed, but is awake. The subject is NOT asleep, and this is why the name, hypnosis, is a misnomer, and why many people have an erroneous understanding of hypnosis, and the extremely valuable therapeutic value of this remarkable modality.

This is the process of how hypnosis works;

There are three parts to the mind of an individual;

  1. The conscious Mind.
  2. The Sub-Conscious Mind.
  3. The Universal or Super-Conscious Mind.

Below is a diagram that provides a pictorial illustration that will be helpful in understanding what the mind is, and how it operates. I chose a triangle because that is a shape of Sacred Geometry, and is also part of the three dimensional dual-terahedron that is also known as the Light Body or the MerKaBa (Light Chariot in Hebrew)

The conscious mind is that part of the mind that provides us with conscious awareness, and is totally dependent on how much of the greater mind is accessed, developed and utilized. The conscious mind is the seat of Conscious Analysis, Choice, Volition, Reasoning that is both deductive and inductive. Most people are barely utilizing 5% of their mental/mind potential, and accordingly, their perception of the Light Spectrum is also about 5%. This means to say that about 95% of creation is invisible to the average human being, and equally, their ability to exercise critical thinking is also limited to the amount of their mind they have developed. So, if two people were communicating, and one accessed about 5% of their mind, while the other accessed about 5.5% of their mind, they would not be able to agree on very much. The latter would understand the former and their limitations, and the former would probably call the latter a conspiracy theorist, or worse. In this situation the Twain shall not meet.

The Critical factor is an invisible barrier that seems to separate the Conscious mind from the sub-conscious mind, which is probably a very good safety measure, otherwise the novice (a person who is aspiring to develop more of their complete mind, together with consciousness and spiritual awareness) would be inundated with far more information than they could process and integrate. In this sense, each one of us is prevented from being Consciously Aware of their Sub-Conscious Mind in the active, wakeful state of consciousness.

However, as the person grows in Consciousness and Conscious Awareness, they are able to process huge amounts of input much more easily and efficiently. The Hypnotherapist’s job is nothing much more than to help the subject bypass the Critical Factor in a safe environment and in a safe manner, hence, it is possible to apply the appropriate induction method that induces a state of relaxation leading to a trance-like state with just about everyone who wishes to do so, and who also feels comfortable with the therapist. There are those who give lip service to healing, but, at the moment of their truth, they back down, and refuse to go there, for whatever reason. These are the people who are not hypnotized that easily, although there are techniques of induction that can bypass such resistance in some cases. However, if someone does not want to be hypnotized, they will not be, no matter what the Hypnotherapist does.

ALL Hypnosis is SELF-HYPNOSIS! This is because the subject is awake, although deeply relaxed, and is in control of their own mind, choosing to do and go wherever they decide. The therapist is nothing more than a tour guide taking the subject to those areas, with the subject’s permission, who will ultimately choose how deep they wish to go, and, even if they wish to emerge from the trance by themselves, by their own volition. This is very important for people to understand because so many have the misunderstanding that the therapist takes control of their mind, which is completely incorrect. The subject will never act on any instruction, to do something they either do not wish to do, or is contrary to their spiritual, religious convictions, or if it is against their wishes/principles for any reason whatsoever. In other words, whatever the subject does or does not do, is with their permission and willingness to do so, or not do so. The only way the subject will not be able to exercise their own volition is if the subject is drugged, or brain-washed in some manner, or by some other type of invasive therapy, not related to Hypnotherapy.

Once the subject has been assisted through an appropriate method of induction, and the trance-like state is experienced, the subject is now able to access their Sub-Conscious mind, with all the records at their disposal, depending upon how willing the subject is to go there.

The Sub-Conscious mind can be likened to a huge, elaborate and efficient storage facility, like a filing cabinet, or, in technical terms a ‘Cloud Storage Facility.’ The sub-Conscious mind is operating every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day, without ceasing its activities, whether you are awake, asleep (unconscious) or even under heavy anesthesia having a surgeon perform a surgical procedure on you. It records everything, every thought, every impression, every sound, every experience throughout your life, even if you are not consciously aware of any of them. For instance, if you lost your car keys, in hypnosis the sub-conscious mind can tell you where you placed them. These records are available to be accessed through Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.

The Sub-Conscious Mind is the repository of many aspects of how the human being can operate, as shown in the diagram above. This includes the storage of all memories, it is absolutely literal, not having any sense of humour at all. It cannot differentiate fact from fantasy, both being the same. It will suppress painful thoughts, welcome pleasure, and is the Seat of our EMOTIONS! (Not the heart, which is the seat of our feelings, two very different elements). The sub-Conscious mind is designed to always be right, and coupled with a wounded Ego (which is also part of the Sub-Conscious Mind) a person could be sorely challenged to accept any opposing concepts, if they do not perceive it as their truth also. It is also the repository of ALL learned Beliefs, ALL learned Patterns of Behaviour, and ALL Programming by others and the environment. Its language is in pictures, not words. Here is where your character is formed, and your personality influenced. It is here that the Law of Correspondence operates, which is also known as ‘Projecting,’ and we do this when we project on to others what we think, feel and actions performed. This exemplified when someone accuse you of something that they, themselves are doing.

The Universal or Super-Conscious Mind is that aspect of all human beings which connects us to everyone and everything else in Creation. It is the avenue through which, and by which we are able to feel, express and demonstrate Universal, Unconditional Love, Compassion, Grace, Forgiveness, Healing, Peace, Intuition, and is the Spiritual Seat of our Individual Souls. To access this Divine Aspect of our true Nature, we are to develop more of our innate Consciousness, and thereby increase our vibratory frequency, which is the key to unlock the door, through which we have access to the Infinite Source of All.

Hypnotherapy can successfully address all trauma, drama that life throws at us, at least most of it. This includes past and present incarnations. It can even assist in healing of the physiology if the physical condition is caused by anything within the Sub-Conscious Mind. It is one of the most profound healing tools we have, even while we do not fully understand the entire complexity of the complete mind. With a good therapist, one who is consciously aware, it is usual that only good will result from Hypnotherapy, so, if you are interviewing a possible therapist go with how you feel about them. Listen and pay heed to your intuition.

Although I have never had the experience, I was taught at Hypnotherapy School, that rarely, under the most dire of circumstances, a subject may not want to emerge from the trance state. Every good Hypnotherapist is trained to know what to do in this circumstance, and this is why I dislike Stage Hypnotists, who are usually, not trained well enough to deal with any such eventuality. The REASON why a person does NOT want to emerge from a Hypnotic Trance State is because their life is usually extremely painful, and they suffer considerably. The trance state is so comfortable, so safe, so divorced from the traumas of living a life of hell, that they prefer to stay where they are. Of course, this is impractical, and it will NOT help that person from resolving their issues, by seeking to escape from their reality. A worthy and well-trained Hypnotherapist will bring them out of the trance state safely and successfully, and continue to help them resolve their issues so that they can create a much better life for themselves.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of most Hypnotherapists and the Hypnotherapy Professional Institutions, the average number of Hypnotherapy sessions to resolve the average issue is six sessions. Please compare that with the success rate of those therapies which require you to attend a weekly session for several years, and in many cases, many years.

In conclusion, I have had the benefit of experiencing, personally and subjectively about 53 past lives, and I know that we do bring with us all our unresolved baggage from previous incarnations, to specifically address and resolve it in this life, if we can. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that enables an individual to access those lives where the issues may have originated, and with that understanding and knowledge be better equipped to address and resolve the issues in the Here and Now. It seems that the sub-conscious mind has the ability to cross the bridge of time and space, and it is of no consequence whether the requirement is to go back in time in this life, or any other lifetime. It is also possible to ascertain the probable outcome of an issue by Future Life Progression. I feel this ability is supported by the Universal/Super-Conscious Mind.

I feel that the only people who may not be able to be hypnotized or assisted in this therapy are those with brain damage, and those who are so wounded deep within, that they have shut themselves off from any possibility of inner healing and issue resolution.

I welcome your comments, and/or questions.

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Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.