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How’s Your Health?

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Rasheed-OgunlaruBy it’s nature business brings busyness. It’s the root of where the word business is derived from. On the one hand being busy can keep you fit and active. It can keep you moving and can keep your mind and body active. That said, without mindfulness, attention, rest and breaks you can find yourself in overdrive mentally and physically with stress and dis-ease being the outcomes.  And this kind of stress, exhaustion and mind in overdrive is common in many busy professionals and many business owners.

The Soul Trader becomes aware of this and acts on it.

Here are a few of my tips. You’ll see I take a very simple, straightforward yet deep-seated approach to health. I’m not a doctor but I’m inviting you to consider some of the subtle yet significant facts that affect your health and happiness.

Rasheed’s 5 Soul Trader Health Tips

  1. A healthy relationship to your self

Your experience in this physical/material world starts and ends with you. So it’s important that you foster a rich relationship with yourself. Appreciate who you are, be kind to yourself and be on your own side. This will help you to watch how you feel and to take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

  1. A healthy relationship to life itself

This is incredibly important. Once you get embroiled in a battle with life you become involved in a battle that you can only lose. You are a part of life and you and life are dependent on each other. If peace and fulfillment are what you seek then you must make peace with life. Once you are at peace with life all sorts of magic is possible that will enhance your life, your business and those you serve.

  1. A healthy relationship to what you do

One of the beautiful things about being your own boss is that you can do what you love to do for a living. But I’m amazed that I still meet many people on my travels who do not love what they do and/or do not have a loving relationship to their work.

It’s important to realize that life is a gift and your skills and talents are a gift. It follows therefore that what you do is sharing that gift. It is something to be joyful about. The more grateful you are, the more you carry out your work with love and passion, the more uplifting you will find it. This will have a remarkable effect on your energy and yourself in all regards. It will be incredibly nourishing – as nourishing as any food. It is a most powerful exercise.

  1. A healthy relationship to those in your life

The Co-operation chapter of Soul Trader begins by highlighting that we are inter-related and interdependent. This is something that the Soul Trader – like any wise soul comes to realize. In fact, the moment that you embrace yourself you embrace life, and the moment you embrace life you will find that you are on a journey to really appreciating the other entities that you find here in life. Of course, some people will resonate with you more than others. You will develop closer relationships with some and more distant ones with others. But the more you appreciate and accept the differences the less troubled you will be in your mind, and the less trouble you are likely to stir up or get drawn into. This is part of the energetics of life.

  1. A healthy relationship to business

This may seem like quite a funny final theme to finish up with, but it’s important to express. You are your own boss and so you really are in the world of business whether you call yourself self employed, whether you have set up a company, whether you sell products and services or whether you exchange your skills and talents for cash. Essentially business is taking place. It brings with it cash, customers, creativity and all sorts of logistics and practicalities. At each stage there will be lots to learn about yourself, your product or service, about rules and regulations, about finance, about management, about marketing – about people-management and about operations. You are unlikely to become an expert in all of it but you’ll become competent and good at much of it. But what’s really important is that you embrace it. Business is about serving people and being rewarded for it. So don’t be afraid of or resentful toward any of these aspects of business: finance, marketing and operations. They are all part of the dance. Gratitude and appreciation will instantly enhance your appreciation for all aspects of business  – and the more heart that you bring to business, the more heartened you will become in life and business.



Rasheed Ogunlaru is an acclaimed life, business and corporate coach whose simple ‘become who you are’ approach has helped countless business owners connect with themselves, their businesses and their customers. His background spans over 20 years in coaching, training, media, PR and performance. Rasheed is the business coach partner to the British Library’s Business and IP Centre and business coach mentor to TiE UK. He is a highly sought-after public speaker and regularly appears in the media, including the BBC, The Times and the Guardian.

He is the author of ‘The Gift of Inner Success’ and ‘Soul Trader – Putting the heart back into your business.’ Kogan or Amazon

For information about coaching, motivational talks, or to order one of his inspiring books, CDs and MP3s visit his website or email him

Twitter – @RasheedOgunlaru

or call 020 7207 1082




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