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How Important Is Spiritual Growth At This Time?

Caroline NettleThe quest for self-realisation is a profoundly personal journey to overcome life’s challenges – this is where we address emotional and physical obstacles and this is where spiritual growth occurs. Ultimately, the path of spiritual growth leads to love of self, love of others, and love of the planet we call home. On the journey of personal development, we address our blocks to success and happiness, and we begin to take our focus inside. We find more inner peace on this journey, and our spiritual growth unfolds.

Having established your own belief systems, spiritual growth becomes a quest for truth, integrity, wisdom, and authenticity. It is about learning to love and accept yourself completely, and then learning to love and accept your neighbours, regardless of creed, colour or any other perceived differences. Spiritual growth is about learning to live in integrity with the planet and all who share her. It is a very personal journey and it is about sharing your inherent gifts with the world, whatever they may be, and finding inner peace, love and harmony.

In these challenging times, as the world around us descends further and further into chaos, and we are experiencing profound changes in our relationships, our circumstances, and our belief systems, there has never been a better time to develop a rock solid relationship with yourself and the Divine. It does not matter what your belief systems are surrounding God, the Divine, the universe, the Divine Feminine, or whatever you believe. The only thing that really counts is that you find a relationship with something or someone outside of yourself that you can believe in, so that the madness around you is less frightening, and your mission on earth less threatened by external fears.

We live in very interesting times, and whatever you believe the changes mean, the fact is that changes are afoot. Mother Nature herself is going through some enormous changes, as witnessed by the earthquakes, floods, landslides, tsunamis, and droughts. However, we chose to be alive at this exciting time, and so it is important to be available to meet the demands that will be placed on us as the changes take place.

Spiritual Growth is happening all over the world. People are waking up to the emotional and physical abuse that they have been denying, and working through it to find freedom from it. They are letting go of what no longer serves them so that they are free to stand in their power and serve others in this auspicious time. Are you willing to stand up and be counted too? We all need you to!



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