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How Can Zeolites Help Our Pets?

Many people consider their pets to be part of the family and the amount of money that is spent annually on feeding, grooming, treating and looking after their pets grows exponentially year on year.

Having a pet is a very expensive operation, when you consider all their needs plus vet bills. However, it seems that many people dote on their animals and really want the best for them.

When it comes to toxins, our pets are just as susceptible as we are to the onslaught of toxins. Due to the fact that they are invisible, we are unable to shelter ourselves from them and neither can our pets. Animals that stay outside breathe in the same toxic air that we do. Animals that are kept inside are exposed to the same chemicals and toxins that we are- from upholstery, cleaning products, and food and water, just like us. They also have flea collars and the sprays and shampoos that we use on them to contend with.

They also walk outside and so are exposed to pesticides and herbicides from farms and gardens. They lick themselves clean, so any toxins that are on their fur or paws are ingested regularly.

How do toxins affect our pets’ health?

Toxins affect our pets in a very similar way to how they affect humans. Continued exposure to toxins in the environment can negatively affect major systems in the body. When the body can no longer effectively rid itself of the build up of harmful toxins, disease happens.

Zeolites are able to attract and bind toxins, heavy metals, radioactive particles, viruses, and other carcinogens that can all contribute to chronic illness. It then safely eliminates them before they can affect the general health of your beloved pet. It lowers the risk of them developing numerous diseases, and using Natural Cellular Defense, gives your pet more energy, improved overall health and longevity.

All animals and birds can benefit from using Natural Cellular Defense to detoxify their bodies. Animals that have already benefited from using it include horses, dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and amphibians.

Natural Cellular Defense is quite possibly the most important supplement for your pet’s health and vitality. It comes in a tasteless liquid form so you can easily add it to their feed. Give your pet a better future and an improved lifestyle by taking away the chemicals and toxins that lead to their ill-health.

If you think that your pet is suffering from a toxic overload, then follow the link below and look for Healing and detox, and then Pure Body.



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