What do you do when life presents you with an opportunity that seems too good to be true? Do you run away as fast as you can, convinced it must be some kind of scam? Or, do you seize it with both hands and run with it to where ever it may take you?

I think the answer to this one has to come from within.

It’s not something for your rational mind to call, because your rational mind will always come up with plenty of reasons not to act on anything that cannot be explained rationally.

When you are faced – as we all are every now and then – with the gift of an inexplicable and unexpected chance to make a wonderfully life-altering decision, what do you do?

I believe that you actually know what to do, but may be afraid to admit it. You lack the confidence in your own wisdom to make the right choice and so you dither about, torturing yourself as you swing from one extreme to the other. .

The issues gets complicated as people who love and care for you become involved and throw in their tuppence worth (which usually errs on the side of being rational!).

There’s only one thing for it! Remove yourself from all outside influences. Go away and be alone in a quiet and peaceful place and simply ask yourself ‘what do I want to do?’

The answer will show up, maybe not as you expect it, so be open to hear the voice of your own wisdom speaking to you. It could be a song on the radio, an overheard conversation, words on the side of a bus, a vivid dream or a deep inner knowing- anything.

Pay attention!

It’s giving you directions to your future.



In 2015, I set up Horses Connect, a non-profit company based in the West of Ireland dedicated to helping people of all ages, with all kinds of life and other challenges.  After a colorful and adventurous life (career-wise)  I now work with people and horses. I teach and I learn – boy, do I learn!

Horses connect us to our true value and full potential in a unique and powerful way and it is my privilege to facilitate that connection. We design a range of equine-assisted programs for individuals and groups, and our equine team help us deliver those programs.

I am particularly interested in personal development and was blogging about the topic long before blogging became popular, or profitable.

I have a Masters in Writing from NUI, Galway and tons of other random qualifications.


Twitter – @horsesconnect




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