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Going Beyond Boundaries with … Juan and Monika Steigerwald (Part 2)

This is the second podcast with Juan and Monika Steigerwald where they go deeper into how they have consciously created their dream life.

They explore mind set, motivation and managing self effectively, amongst many more wonderful insights into living a fulfilling life with joy and creativity.

Juan and Monika are the founders of Wave :Business Excellence Footprint which is an environmentally friendly  training company that boosts quality, efficiency, CSR and sustainability initiatives.

Previously they spent twenty years in the corporate world, both achieving high levels of success and excellence.

In this podcast they share with us, how they went beyond boundaries to  leave the safety of the life they were used to and instead created something entirely different.

They also share how taking off their shoes to live a barefoot lifestyle have been part of the transformation.


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I have been running all of my life – it feels I was born to run. In the running step I experienced freedom and my true expression. I came to see that I needed to ‘get out of the way of myself’ and let my energy flow through the running step; allow it to express itself in the dance and the motion of running.

I have also worked in the lives of others as a guide, counsellor, healer and teacher for over 40 years.

I lived as a nomad for 6 years with my husband Anadi, but my inner voice brought me back to the UK in May 2019 and I have been living and working and running in London since then….