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Giving Healing Some Horse Power – Part 3 of 6

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Listening and Observing

When seeking to establish the connection that I wrote about in Parts 1 & 2, listening and observing are essential skills.  As humans we have come to rely heavily on spoken language in our relationships with others, but words are often inadequate or misleading when talking about emotions.

With horses words aren’t an option and so I’ve had to become more skilled at reading body language and facial expression.  As discussed in the two previous posts, connection is a great help with this, as is spending time just watching the horses and people I meet and becoming more familiar with the cues available and the meanings behind them.  There are general interpretations that can be applied to every horse or every human, but there will also be nuances that relate solely to the individual.

(If you’d like to know more about body language and facial expression in horses see Video 6 of the series available through my online shop.)

Trust, Empathy and Rapport

These three are vital for any wellbeing session.  Without them the client will not feel:

  • safe
  • connected
  • understood
  • heard

This will limit their ability to:

  • be open
  • be objective
  • create solutions
  • experience self acceptance

And without these, true and lasting healing is not possible.

Horses have taught me the importance of letting go of my own agenda and trusting my client’s inner wisdom about what they need and what is right for them.  I only need to hold the space and they will find the way.

As I mentioned before, horses are great mirrors to what is happening with our emotions.  This has helped me to get more in touch with my inner self and so I, in turn, know that showing empathy to my clients will enable them to explore their own situation in more depth.

Establishing this rapport is what enables the client to feel safe and so opens the way to lasting change.

Taken from Giving Healing Some Horse Power.  You can read the full text here.

If you are looking for a listening ear and a way to create a healthier and more fulfilling life then please contact me.



My journey into working in the field of Wellbeing began when I joined an online course in Evolutionary Enlightenment.  This caused me to take a hard look at my life – my career, my direction, my purpose – and question whether or not it was really right for me.  The answer was No.  I was lost, struggling and unhappy.

Searching for something that would resonate for me and that would support my need to grow, I started learning Reiki which, in a roundabout way, led me back to one of my passions: animals.  Horses in particular hold a very special place in my heart.  I love supporting owners to explore their horse’s physical and emotional needs.

I went on to study Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques and META-Health because I also love supporting other women who are experiencing similar experiences of stress and overwhelm.  I love holding a safe space where they can discover that they have always had choices and the power to make their own decisions.


email: robyn@equenergy.com

mobile:  07980 669303




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