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For the Love of Dogs

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It has been a month since our beloved family dog died. He lived a long, happy life after we found him in a local dogs’ home. We have no knowledge of his origins, only that when he came to us he was very nervous, and he had a terrible reaction to loud noises like smoke alarms and timer alarms. He would literally have a panic attack, and we would have to calm him down.

For the Love of Dogs

Baxter was terrified of water when we first brought him home, but with some gentle coaxing from my husband, he began paddling in the river near home, and he adored visiting the coast and swimming in the sea. He even went for a swim in Lake Bala in North Wales once upon a time. We have so many precious and wonderful memories of our boy, but now we are lonely.

Baxter and Mummy 2011

I have found it incredibly difficult working from home every day and being so alone. I miss the tinkle of his collar as he trots around the house. I miss watching him in the garden while I work in the kitchen. I miss him walking by my side along the canal path and the riverside. I miss our nightly cuddles on the sofa, after we get the children to bed.

I am lonely, and our house is far too quiet. But are we ready to bring home a new dog? I don’t know. Part of me wants to go out and adopt all the local Staffies that nobody will have. But we have visited a few animal welfare homes during the past few weeks, and we are not quite ready. Our next dog (or dogs) is out there, somewhere. I think I am ready to bring them home, but my husband needs a little more time. Let us see what autumn brings.


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