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Finding Your Inspiration in Your Menstrual Cycle

Gabriella Guglieminotti TrivelKnowledge of your menstrual cycle will open inner doors to deeper creative power and feelings of pleasure and wellbeing

We are all taken by so many things nowadays in our daily life that most of the time we feel torn apart by different interests, commitments, duties, hobbies, desires, etc.

We are also bombarded 24/7 by so much information that at times we feel overwhelmed and tired just by the thought of having to read another email, newsletter, letter, magazine, etc…

As women we tend to have a natural instinct about what to do, when and how and this helps us in our business too, not only as mothers, wives, friends, partners, colleagues or whatever might be your main role in life. Have you ever wondered though, where this instinct comes from? Or why?cycle wisdom - Gabriella September article

Does all this apply to you? Or do you think it is only a myth and that only few women have it, but it is not applicable to you?

Well, whatever might be your experience in your life, I can assure you that as women we do have an extra gear, nature did gift us with some extra tools that probably most of us forget to use, maybe just because we are not aware of them.

One of these extra tools that we come equipped with as women is the menstrual cycle, the so dreaded monthly event that many of us call “The Curse”. Even if we live in the XXIst century we tend to ignore or avoid the subject especially in social conversations, unless it is really necessary and in that case we tend to lower our voice and look around before starting talking about it!

Why do we do that? Why is it a taboo subject that still carries such a stigma, concern or embarrassment?

Isn’t it a natural process that allows all of us to be alive?

Why do we ostracize it so much whether we are men or women?

Well if we look into any taboo subject, we can see that there tends to be a link between a taboo and the sacred or something carrying some power, so could it be that this is the case for the menstrual cycle too?

Willing or not we have been living for several thousands of years under the rule of patriarchy, therefore the cycle has been considered as something pertinent to the female gender and therefore not of major interest for society as mainly run by men. After millennia even women have convinced themselves that it is an inconvenient aspect of life that women have to put up with and, if you can repress it or numb it, the better your life is going to be.

Are we really sure of this? Couldn’t it be that this mysterious phenomenon has been dreaded or misunderstood so much because in fact it carries some special powers with it? Could it be that we sit on a gold mine and we don’t know it?

What if I told you that your main source of inspiration is actually residing in it?

How would you feel? Would you reconsider it and look at it with at least a curious eye rather than label it as a drag?

Have you ever noticed that at times in your life you are full of inspiration, energy, determination and have all the answers you need to do whatever you want? Have you ever thought that there might be a link with your menstrual cycle?

If you want to find out more about your menstrual cycle, I run regular workshops called “Flying Solo I”, as my purpose is to make you fly in life and feel great in your skin by honouring your body as a source of wisdom.



Gabriella was born in Italy and studied foreign languages at the University of Turin, her home city.

She is a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has travelled around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Antarctica.

In 2012 she published a book, ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’, about her adventures there.

She is learning to fly gliders in order to gain a different perspective on the world  and become a real ‘Flying Inspiration’!

She is an author, speaker, visionary and coach who helps women to gain confidence, authority and fulfilment in life by knowing better their body.

She also helps couples improve their relationship and  find a more satisfying way to communicate to have better intimacy.

Women often experience a loss of identity, lack of direction, disconnection from their body, lack of libido and intimacy with their partner and themselves at some stage of their lives. This can trigger  physical problems like PMS, cravings, mood swings, weight gain, low self esteem, lack of energy/libido,  direction and cause relationship issues. In fact, our body  is trying to get in contact with us through  these symptoms which can create mental and emotional states that can be very challenging to say the least.

Gabriella has a solution for all these problems and helps women to reconnect with their body and feminine cycle to improve the quality of their lives.


Tel. +44 779 630 6774





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