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Everything Is Not What it Seems To Be!

Over the years I have had several Western Astrology readings, and I married Avigail who knows much about Western Astrology. Recently I had another Western Astrology reading, all of which gave me greater insights into myself as a personality, an ego, my soul purpose, and my current incarnation purpose, including the karma and obstacles I am to work out in this life. Then I learned about the Babylonians and the 13th Constellation, Ophiucus, the Snake Charmer/Hunter. This means that all the birth dates according to the 12 constellation Western Astrology, which we are all used to, are no longer valid, if you ascribe to the 13 Constellation Western Astrology, which means I am no longer zero degree Capricorn, but, very much a Sagittarius. Everything I was used to, has changed!

Blog/Article #36, Everything Is Not What it Seems To Be

Then Avigail and I had a Vedic (Eastern) Astrology reading, which coincided more with the 13 Constellation Western Astrology, and everything changed for me again. I have had two previous Vedic Astrological readings, and the first one was in 2006, by the Vedic Astrologer of Mata Amritanandamayi, who is known throughout the world as Amma, or Mother, otherwise known as The Hugging Saint of India. She is famous for her selfless love and compassion toward all beings.

I am fortunate to have had three Divine Hugs from Amma, two in America, and one in India. On the occasion of my first hug, I spent five days in retreat with her and a very large group, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we meditated, hugged, had darshan, and witnessed how this diminutive woman possessed and wielded enormous energy and power that had to be witnessed to be believed. Around about that time I had my first Vedic Astrological reading, but I was not sure of the time of my birth.

The Vedic Astrologer or Jyotish, asked me many questions, and conducted many mathematical equations, after which he arrived at an exact time, which I have used ever since as my correct time of birth. That alone, impressed me. He took into account my family dynamics, and many other aspects of my life, past lives, karma, and goodness know what else. Unfortunately, I did not have a record of that reading, so, all the information dissipated in the mists of time.

Then, in 2008, I went to India for four months and had another reading, the details of which I did record. Now, yesterday (1st September, 2020) I had my third reading by a Vedic Astrology who was recommended to us by our dearest friend and Western Astrologer, after which, Avigail also had a reading. This Vedic Astrologer lives in Haridwar, India, and the reading was conducted via Facebook’s Messenger, which worked out quite well. I placed my cell phone by the loudspeaker of my computer and recorded both readings, while I also took notes.

The information was quite impressive, and I note that Vedic Astrology is able to address physical conditions, family dynamics, and the karma one is working out, including other factors, with a significant degree of accuracy. It seems that this resulted in me having an experience of some kind of response to a catalytic effect, stimulated by this reading. In fact, I spent some time viewing all my Astrology readings over many years, and I arrived at the conclusion that I have just embarked upon another aspect of my life, which indicates big positive changes for my wife and I. In fact, the information was so remarkable, because I realise that my marriage to Avigail, which was an incredible example of magical synchronicity that demonstrates the functioning of Creative Intelligence/Consciousness, also known as The I Am Presence, and to many, God, otherwise known in scientific circles as The Unified Field, was a significant experience and process of completing previous karma we had together in previous lives, and all that which went with it. To conceive of such implications demands an open mind and heart, and the ability to transcend the imposed limitations of this three dimensional realm, here on planet Earth. Avigail, and I have had many separate previous lives, and several together, which have enabled us to learn how to remove the limitations and obstacles that prevent so many of us from perceiving the bigger, nay, huge picture of creation that lies before us, for us to perceive, if we allow ourselves to do so.

I realized with such clarity, right here and right now, and which has prompted me to write this article, that I agreed that my current life was to resolve as much accumulated karma as I could achieve. Consequently, my life has been one of arduous work, in resolving, mitigating and releasing all that karma from countless previous lifetimes, and I have achieved, so far, what I thought was impossible. However, my Mission Impossible was possible, and it now looks as if, with continuing attention, focus, application, courage and tenacity, I may well complete what I intended to complete in this lifetime. This realization, alone, is at the heart of my inspiration and motivation to continue to its completion, because I wanted to give up more times than I can remember. Previously, I just wanted everything to stop, so that I could rest, my soul being fatigued, or so it felt. Yet, as is my wont, I picked myself up by the proverbial ‘boot straps’ and continued, at least to this point in my Soul evolution.

As I look back upon my life, I realise, yet again, that everything in this realm of physical form changes, in Life’s desire to continuously evolve, and suffering is caused when we get stuck, and instead of flowing with such evolution, we cling on to whatever we want to remain as it is, unchanging, which, by and of itself is an exercise in futility, because everything inevitably evolves, everything changes.

Nothing stays the same for very long!

Nothing is what seems to be at first glance!

You can actually see the changing process when you look at anything long enough, with eyes that actually see. To be able to see with eyes that are clear and unobstructed one is to be able to clear the mind of the causes of such limitations, and to be able to unlock one’s heart so that one has the courage to love and be loved in a manner that encourages the mind to relax and be at peace. This world of physical form is a world of smoke and mirrors, thusly designed as an obstacle course for those intrepid travelers to exercise their resolve, choice, intention, application, courage and tenacity to complete the project, whatever it may be, big or small, great or seemingly insignificant. Whatever it is, it IS significant, and whatever it is, it is going to change, and therefore it is NOT what you may have anticipated it to be. The words of Gautam Siddhartha (Buddha) ring in my ears, “Be not attached to the outcome of your desires.’ This, I have come to learn, is how we create a prison without bars for ourselves, and remain imprisoned, trapped for as long as we do NOT change, with the changing tide of life, of creation. The author, Deepak Chopra, in his first book, Quantum Healing, demonstrated an example of the prison without bars in this way: He placed flies in a jar, closed it with a lid. After several hours he removed the lid, and apart from one or two flies, the flies remained in their prison, even though they could fly to freedom. We know what the psychological implications are, and we know how the sub-conscious mind is programmed so that we act and react in a prescribed manner, and in this way, we, humans, are no different to the flies in the jar without a lid.

So, what does all this mean to you and me? In my humble opinion, and my knowing, it means that each of us incarnated into this life to achieve something, to complete something, and by doing so, we are free to move on;

Free to move to the next rung on the ladder of consciousness.

Free To transcend any suffering, or, at least, to learn how to do so.

Free To learn how to be better than we were.

Perhaps, all of the above, and much more.

I feel, this life offers us all a most remarkable opportunity to develop our innate potential, which has the capacity to help each of us to transcend all limitations, such as;

All physical limitations,

All mental limitations,

All programmed limitations of the mind,

All limitations that prevent us from being our True and Authentic Selves.

Indeed, I am reminded of those immortal words of Dr. Samuel Johnson: “Be sure to perform they allotted task, while it is yet day!” May we all do so, with Ease and Grace, in a Divine and Perfect Way.

To all pilgrims on the path of Evolution and Self-Improvement, I say to you;

Take Heart!

Be Brave!

Be Courageous!

Be Successful in your endeavours!

Be Your True and Authentic Self! And everything else will follow, naturally, as it changes and morphs according to the way you live your life.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.