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Dear Humanity

Now that the human race has slowed to a crawl, I hope that you see what I see…

~ People are collecting food and offering it for free.
~ Restaurant owners are feeding needy children and families.
~ Clients and patrons are supporting small business owners, even while said businesses are closed.
~ Parents are schooling each other’s children.
~ Teachers and professors are quickly adapting to new technology to reach their students.
~ Independent contractors are offering their services via the internet.
~ Religious organizations are providing services online to reach anyone who wants to view.
~ Massive caring for the Earth is underway: from cleaning up to gardening to feeding and caring for wildlife.

Do you see what has happened?

We are figuring out how to provide and care for each other and the earth, despite the apparent  constraints placed upon us.

Now, here comes the good part! In spite of appearances, we are no longer at the mercy of corporations or the government. Banks have to listen to us. Insurance companies have to listen to us. Government officials’ hands are tied until they begin an open dialogue with us because we aren’t buying the narrative any longer.

Don’t you see? We ARE the corporations and the government. It’s not “us against them,”  it’s WE.

Don’t wait for some massive government package to restart the economy or dictum for corporate conglomerates to arrive.

It starts with us. This movement has been kickstarted for us, now it’s our turn to do something with the opportunity!

Everything has become quite transparent, hasn’t it? If you are disturbed, for instance, by the dividends the insurance companies are paying out while simultaneously raising their rates, respectfully voice your concerns (you may be surprised at the outcome. I was).

Phone the candidates who are running for office (be bipartisan!) and have respectful conversations with them about their vision for change. Express what you want to see happen and how they align with your vision.

What are YOU going to suggest to your boss or board of directors when things return to “normal?” Do you want to offer online services? Work from home? Create an app for clients to reach you easily? Create a new outreach department?

What social services do you want to create? Garden shares? Market drop-offs? Programs to funnel leftover food from restaurants and stores to shelters and centers? Start creating! Talk to your colleagues and friends. Find the gaps. Solve the problems.

Discuss with your healthcare professionals ways that they are reaching out to those impacted by lack of insurance or access…brainstorm with them what your vision of effective healthcare is. Ask them to collaborate with their colleagues. Check back in with them.

What benefits or downfalls have your children experienced by learning with you? What insights do you now have regarding education? Talk with the PTA. Brainstorm with teachers. I guarantee they feel the same way you do. Boards of directors are there for a reason. Become involved.

Demand inspires the supply. Don’t wait for some government agency to create it or a new president to take over.

WE are the agents of change, we always have been, we’ve just been asleep. Now that we’re awake,  let’s get humanity to work!



Carrie Beleno is an Intuitive Reiki master/teacher, Spiritual Life Coach and author.

She received a phone call from an anonymous man from Tibet in 2015 who told her that she was a “powerful healer” and needed to trust and step fully into that role. Since that call, Carrie has used her Intuitive Reiki and spiritual life coaching to guide others in finding and listening to their intuition, releasing guilt, anxiety, fear and uncovering life purpose, health and joy.

It is her mission to reconnect God to the human spirit and each other.

Website: www.carriebeleno.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/belenomission

Email: carrie.beleno@gmail.com