Healing Your Menstrual Moontime

Have you ever felt that there is more to your monthly menstrual cycle than just the shedding of uterine blood? Did you ever sense that there are deeper and more soul full connections to be made?

Welcome to this 15 lesson course that is designed to guide a wombyn so that she will learn how to experience a Sacred menstrual cycle and to reclaim the spiritual essence of her moontime. When a wombyn flows in harmony with the phases of the moon, both within and without, the path to connecting with her Divine Feminine Goddess self opens and the gifts of the Blood Mysteries are revealed.

Traditionally, native and indigenous communities honored a wombyn’s moontime. Frequently wombyn menstruated at the same time of the moon’s cycle and retreated to a moonlodge or red tent where they could care for their needs, allow their physical, emotional or spiritual selves to flow where they needed to flow to. They could comfortably rest and dream, receive healing and visions, be creative and/or inspired without interference from the needs or rhythms of the outer world. They were supported by the community, flowed in harmony with the phases of the moon and emerged energized, renewed and whole. They did not suffer as modern wombyn do who are out of touch with their needs or unable to hear what their bodies or emotions are asking of them. Their moontimes were sacred, nurtured and honored.

The Benefits of Honoring your Moontime

When a wombyn enters into harmony with her moontime, she flows in a balance with her inner self. She connects with the Divine, her Goddess self. This connection creates a balance so your physical blood and psychic flow can flow. It helps to alleviate physical discomforts, it creates emotional wellness. When you honor your moontime rhythms, moontime becomes an avenue of healing. When you are in touch with your Sacred moontime nature, your emotions become voices that point you in the direction to situations that need attention. When you listen to these wise voices of your emotions, they offer you the opportunity to flow along the path to healing. This is an aspect of the gift that the sacred Blood Mysteries and moontime harmony offers.

Creating Moontime Harmony

It is suggested that you sign up on a new or full moon, or as near to it as possible, so that you will enter into this course in harmony with the phases of the moon. These lessons will be sent every two weeks on or near the new and full moon. The intention is to build an awareness of the phases of the moon and how you are connected to lunar rhythms. It is hoped that you develop a understanding of how the moon’s cycles unfold within you during your moontime cycle and throughout the entire month. Do you have day cycles? Does your moontime flow start on the new moon? the full moon? Can you follow your changes? Are they predictable? Do you recognize your lunar phases? Do you have an inner new moon time, or an outer full moon expression? What does that even mean or look like? Are you trapped in cycles of pain and might they be able to be broken and harmony regained?

To Honor One’s Moontime, Honors One’s Spirit

Menarche, or the first moontime, is really a time for celebration, yet in our western culture we often enter into wombynhood with embarrassment or shame. This is often the beginning of one’s moontime disharmony. This negative experience and programming can be reversed. You can recreate your menarche and re-enter wombynhood with joy.

Harmony is achieved when order is created out of chaos. Learning how to chart and follow aspects of your cycle will help a wombyn to create this order and more harmony in her moontime and life.

In this course, there are 13 focuses. Each focus suggests a topic that will offer either a healing, a suggestion or an idea that will enhance the moontime experience.

Moontime patterns and rhythms are connected to the phases of the moon. They can be somewhat predictable when followed. This can be useful when trying to balance the rhythms of the fast paced, busy world with one’s internal rhythms.

Learning to honor one’s needs, to accept what one’s body or emotions are asking of them can be a challenge. How to do this can be simple or complicated. The key is how well you listen to your body and emotions, how well you pay attention to your spirit.

When you can honor your moontime, your inner wisdom is illuminated. A doorway to the Divine opens. You can be in tune with your Goddess self. She has an avenue with which to communicate with you. She can heal, nurture, offer guidance and inspire creativity. If you give her a place to surface within you, she will flow into your being with love and wisdom. And this is the opportunity that the blood mysteries offers.


How Does It Work?

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Donna Wolper grew up on Long Island, N.Y. lived and raised her children in Quebec, Canada and one snowy winter in 1992 took her children to Mexico. There she discovered a rural, coastal village that existed without cars or electricity. It was through her attunement to the natural world and the lunar phases of Sister Moon that the Divine Feminine revealed herself and guided her to understand the blood mysteries. When she discovered the Native American practice of the moonlodge, she knew she was home and has flowed with this wisdom ever since. This course is the result of flowing in harmony with her lunar cycles and listening to the voice of her Goddess within.