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Constipation: You Can say Bye Bye!

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John OsborneThe Gentle Path to Relief – Naturally.

Constipation s one of the commonest problems we encounter, yet one of the most badly serviced by the medical industry. Other than some nasty chemicals – including some of the paracetamol types that cause constipation, the NHS is not too forthcoming on what to do. NHS choices suggests – “If constipation is causing pain or discomfort, you may want to take a painkiller, such as paracetamol. Always follow the dosage instructions carefully. Children under 16 shouldn’t take aspirin. » Many of us will find this advice rather strange. However, if we look at what nature can do for us we can find better ways of obtaining comfort .

In many articles advising the drinking of good quantities of water, they almost always omit that the magnesium content of the water should be as high as possible. Magnesium has a good and proven reputation of aiding combating this problem; however, it is not advisable to resort to magnesium on its own. Research has shown that about a third of constipation sufferers have their difficulties resolved this way.

If  a couple of litres, or even more sometimes, of magnesium rich water is not enough, why not try some prunes? One of the oldest natural remedies proposed, according to a study in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, dried plums and their derivatives, such as prune juice, can prevent constipation and even possibly colon cancer. The nutrients found in prunes may also help control obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. I was given prune juice as a child with great effect! A couple or 3 a day is normally enough.

You may not believe this but coffee helps about one third of constipation sufferers. It is thought that coffee stimulates the colonic muscles into action! The contractions of the muscles pushes the hard stools around, breaking them down thus enabling you to push less hard later. And do remember that the incidence of heart failure in older people when on the loo is a recognised fact. Regrettably I have been asked to help in more than one case of a weak hearted person pushing too hard and expiring on the toilet.

The last resort to ensure “Constipation Bye Bye” is psyllium husks. Psyllium is nature’s laxative. It is often used as a means to reduce food intake and aid slimming. As a treatment for constipation, there is little to beat it. Psyllium is used as a regulator of intestinal throughput, and was recorded in the medicinal manuals of the ancients. Psyllium does not cause any bowel irritation so can be taken over a long period if necessary. It is also well known as a treatment for amoebic dysentery and diarrhoea.

A Dose of  1 or 2 capsules with water as needed is the usual final way to resolve digestive tract instability.  You can purchase them here.

For your own good health, avoid chemical colonic stimulators. They are not the right answer.



John Osborne is a self-trained Naturopath with over 35 years of experience. Of an engineering formation, he looks at the root causes of people’s problems to discover the “why” rather than the “visible”. Using all forms of a natural approach, John includes phototherapy, homeopathy and aromatherapy among the means of aiding people to find a solution to their problems. John is not a doctor, so cannot diagnose, but works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness.. His advice is given free and he is readily contactable via his website Remede Naturel.




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