Compassionate Release of Cords and Cording

Everyone picks up cords.. it happens as a part of our daily interactions with the people around us. We often don’t intend to, either accidentally attach, or to allow someone to attach energetic cords into our bubbles.  Most of the time we have no idea something isn’t quite right. In my own case.. I found out about the cords when I had some healing work done on me ( yes, even healers need tending- sometimes more so:)- so this was external confirmation. I also know I have a few spots in my “physical” bubble that tend to be hot spots- so I now periodically check and clear those.

If we do find out, or suspect that we have picked up cords.. the important thing is not to attach additional energy to the situation, by becoming angry, resentful or anxious. Having energetic cords is just something better not to have/ do… so the goal is releasing cords respectfully, not with anger, resentment or negativity. I think of cord removal as a happenstance, matter of course, event… so I suppose you could say they are being cleared with compassion/ respect/ integrity. I don’t necessarily think of the originator as some vile bad or horrid person. In this instance, it was with people whom I no longer had a physical-plane connection. So I can’t say how the removal played out at the other end or how the connection might have changed.. but generally, a relationship will rebalance itself and improve, unless the person is a junkie- just looking for that fix.. cutting cords is a great way to find out which…

One way to think of cords is like someone else’s cookie jar, or bank account. if you found out someone you knew was stealing from you, or over-generously helping themselves to a lot of cookies, etc… it makes you think twice about the integrity of the friendship-relationship. Why would someone we trust or respect, behave in a way that does not reciprocate that friendship/relationship. If it is someone you are very close to, you might ask.. hey, would you like me to show you how to make those really great cookies? Or, hey, if you’re hurting for cash, just ask and I’ll help you out.. etc- subtle ways in which you can restore the respect and integrity of the relationship. This is how it might be handled at the physical level.

At the energetic level, politely severing cords, can be a little bit like that.. Suppose you caught the person in the act of clearing out the cookie jar,… you might joke about how they should leave some for other people ( or you), etc.. but you would or should feel inclined to put a stop to the over-indulgence.

And yes, sometimes we cord other people, for whatever reasons- who knows.. maybe it is to maintain an attachment ( emotional?), or energetic-need… perhaps someone on the other end is an over-giver.. and we avail ourselves of that “generosity.”… or, perhaps we reach out to someone we care about and cord them in an attempt to support/ sustain them– I imagine there are a myriad of reasons/ circumstances that could create cords from either side..

Either way, cords are not a particularly healthy situation for either side. And it isn’t about pushing back, etc.. cutting cords is just about restoring the balance to where it should be.

So any time we feel we have cords, or are being drained, is a good time to engage in some quick but compassionate bubble-clearing.. and, as always it is good to do a sort of self-examination to see if/what any energetic contracts/ agreements we might be holding that allow others to dip into our energy reserves.



I am an Education Specialist, Health Coach and Author. I work with aspects of the teachings I have learned from Andean shamanic and cosmology, to health, nutrition and education.  Everything is energy. Energy must flow. Like water, when it does not flow, it stagnates and is not healthy. These techniques help your life to flow. I have been initiated into many of the ancient lineages and learned ceremonies, rites of passage and healing techniques.  I have worked as a healer and done workshops and taught some of these aspects – passing the teachings on.

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