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Compassion and Cruelty: How We Receive Them is our Choice

Teri DluznieskiI was, yet again, over on LinkedIn – I really do find some thought-provoking discussions and subjects there. I was just reading about how spiritual people can be very cruel, and inconsiderate. It was an interesting spring-board.

First-. not everyone who purports to be walking a spiritual path… IS on the path.  Or rather, they are not walking their talk.  As I term it- they are out of their integrity. This is someone who is coming from a place of wound, or ego. We tend to consider that someone who does work as a healer, has evolved to some advanced state. Wouldn’t that be nice if that could be trusted and always be the case.  Keep in mind, that all healers come from different schools of teaching.  And some are born with some inherent gift and have had no guidance or tutelage.  Many of these people, and even the highly trained ones, are still on their own journey of growth.  They are still enacting their unresolved issues and entering into engagements from less enlightened perspectives and patterns.

To some extent we ALL do this, no matter how long we have been doing the work, or walking the walk/ talk.  There is always going to be some element of ego.  We ARE human, having a human experience.  Some of us learn how to edit ourselves better than others.  And some of us evolve to a place where we do not need to edit, because we perceive from a healed and whole state, that can view others with compassion and patience. It would be great if we all could live this way, wouldn’t it…?

When these sorts of experiences happen, I try to process this as a message between myself and the Universe.  My relationships and the feedback loop is for me and to me.  Why did this experience present itself to me?  Is this a message or lesson I need to pay attention to?  Sometimes the answer is yes.  Other times, I reflect on the circumstances, and let it go, as something that just passes by and not mine to own.

One of the basic premises I was taught:  whatever someone puts out there is their stuff.  always always always.  — what you do with it, is yours.  I think it is a distinction between causation and correlation.  A did not make B feel bad.  A did something.  B felt bad. B can choose many different outcomes.  feeling bad, or hurt etc, is one of many possible responses.  The responses are based on our previous wiring and response patterns, our “contracts,” as you will.  Very often, in shamanic paradigm- B is not truly feeling bad because of what A said.  A sparks something already inherent in B’s energy field/bubble/cosmology.  It is what I refer to as ” the first domino,” in an often long chain of dominoes.  The first one, was the relevant incident, the one that created a belief, or pattern.  The rest of them are re-creations of the original one.  A scenario giving yet another attempt to resolve the first experience. to do it differently, as it were.  And the universe will continue to organise and present whatever is unresolved- whether benevolently or spitefully- is up to the recipient to decide and decipher according to their cosmology.

In the end, it is all learning, and opportunity for experience.  Perhaps this is what some teachers are trying to convey, and not quite getting the core of the message across.  I am not saying it is the case.. just that it is one possible interpretation.



I am an Education Specialist, Health Coach and Author. I work with aspects of the teachings I have learned from Andean shamanic and cosmology, to health, nutrition and education.  Everything is energy. Energy must flow. Like water, when it does not flow, it stagnates and is not healthy. These techniques help your life to flow. I have been initiated into many of the ancient lineages and learned ceremonies, rites of passage and healing techniques.  I have worked as a healer and done workshops and taught some of these aspects – passing the teachings on.

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