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Cats, Psychic Energy and the Invisible Wind

Well, this has been a tumultuous weekend.  And after a hectic week of a lot of hucha ( heavy energy) flying around.. I decided to do a ceremonial clearing fire.  It went well, burned hot as hell, no pun intended.. it was what I termed a FU fire, as I wanted to put the weeks aggravations into the flames. Well, that almost bit me in the ass.  Falling out w/ a good friend and my cat went AWOL.  which added fuel to the week’s distress.  NOT the outcome I had been hoping for.

I spent a very quiet day, trying to re-calibrate- to about 9 episodes of Doctor Who ( I do love cable on demand:).  Finally, by evening, I was able to kick myself into gear and go do barn chores before bringing horses and goats in for the night At that point, the dust must have settled out.. Izzie showed back up out of the blue while I was rounding up the goats, which is something like being a goalie in a game of soccer where all the players are on both speed and steroids. :).  I thought I heard a meow.  I called out, but no response- Izzie often “answers” me.  But, when i came back to the house, she’s just sprawled out on the kitchen floor and is now near my feet, looking a bit tired but content. I don’t know if I feel better because the cat is back.. or if the cat is back.. because I am “better.”.. don’t really care.. Izzie is a kind of ward– even if she doesn’t seem to catch the mice, and worse– will often bring some IN, as playmates, 🙂

Animals are always much more sensitive to the nuances in the subtle-fields.. in that regard they make good barometers for tracking the invisible wind, that doesn’t move itself.. but moves the things around it.. unlike the normal wind, which does move, and by moving.. moves the things around it:)… invisible wind.. is more like a tsumani.. the water from Africa doesn’t come to the east coast. it perpetually displaces the water next to it, all the way across the ocean..

The invisible wind is a lot like that.. there isn’t a lot of motion to track, which is why it can be such a bitch.  Movement attracts attention.. when something has our attention.. we know what we are dealing with, or- that we are at least dealing with “something.’..

The invisible wind that doesn’t move.. ( term I just came up with).. very subtle can set other things into action/motion.. or a teeny whisper that distracts from an action, or causes an action.. subtle.. looking one way, instead of another.. so as not to notice the blinking message, and missing an important call.. or causing something to fall off of a shelf, making a loud noise, startling a person, who then spills a hot beverage.. from which turning point/ crux (?>).. many paths are now open that otherwise might not be..

But animals are far more sensitive than humans- for good and ill. My own animals are more likely to have something go wrong.. one instance, horses or goats, like to play, and things happen.. two instances.. less likely to be a coincidence and it usually has my attention. If it’s EO, in particular, one horse who always seems to “take the hit”.. then I pay attention.

On the flip side, animals are a good sign that something has wandered “in.” I often realise I have a problem, energetically speaking, by having an invasion of mouse/mice.. into the house.. or barn.. As annoying as this can be.. it is often a preferable precursor.. and by tending to the dynamic there.. I can avoid having to deal with it in an injured horse, a missing cat, a business catastrophe, etc..

The important thing is to begin to be aware, and to learn how to read whatever particular signs are applicable. Blue-jays will often show up when something needs/ wants my attention. When I see one, I generally start taking a bit more caution, and tuning in to see if the cosmos has put something into the in-basket..

The hardest thing to learn.. when the red flags start showing up.. is to step back and slow down. Often.. the whole reason we are out of balance, or susceptible to begin with, is because we are pushing harder, pressed or pre-occupied with.. everything. But that is the time stepping back,, breathing, and taking stock.. become more crucial. breathwork is very helpful. Just breathing, slow deep breaths.. brings the body and the energy body, out of stress mode.. From there- it helps to call in support, spend some time out on the ground, and remember.. help is available. 🙂

Any good animal intuition stories?  Information from animals or instances where animals have been on the front line for you? Share in the comments!



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