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Can Serrapeptase Help Leg Ulcers?

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John Osborne« I have a couple of people who have ulcerated legs. One of them used Manuka honey on the ulcers and that worked very well. One of the people also had redness around their shins – might have been circulation problems. Would Serrapeptase work to clear these issues do you think? »

I had an email from a good client with this question. Honey of various types, as long as it is pure non GM produced, has amazing properties much ignored. If you go back into history, honey was used for all sorts of things from chest complaints to, as in this case, surface lesions or blisters. Manuka honey has done a great job of bringing this to the attention of the world. Where I live in France it is Pine Forest Honey that has superlative benefits. I have it every morning for breakfast.

Home Cures Serrapeptase, both the Force Plus ™ and Strong ™, is able to digest dead tissue – dead protein. It “eats” it! Then the digested rubbish passes out of the body in the usual way. Thus, the puss in the ulcerations is “eaten” allowing the body’s immune system to take over, whereas before the immune system was hampered by the dead protein.

Any circulation problems, restricted or blocked arteries or capillaries, can be evidenced by the redness arriving at the skin’s surface. Yet again the action of the Serrapeptase “making a meal” of the cholesterol or whatever was causing the problem, unless it is a physical occurrence, is normally able to clear the route for a freer circulation.

When the Serrapeptase has done its work, then it is time to bring in reinforcements in the form of Home Cures Curcumin 99™. This Curcumin, which is almost 100% pure, boosts the immune system, helps prevent recurrence of infections and offers protection against most problems that we encounter in our health. One “unofficial” study some time back suggested that if doctors would prescribe just these two natural remedies, then half the hospitals in the Western World could close. And that study did not include Spirulina, another “little miracle”, which boosts mental and physical energy and, as the Russians proved after Chernobyl, gives protection against radiation. They gave it to the children affected with excellent results, ensuring those kids had a longer, healthier life.

Nature has some marvels to offer. It is only man’s greed and stupidity that stops us using them.



John Osborne is a self-trained Naturopath with over 35 years of experience. Of an engineering formation, he looks at the root causes of people’s problems to discover the “why” rather than the “visible”. Using all forms of a natural approach, John includes phototherapy, homeopathy and aromatherapy among the means of aiding people to find a solution to their problems. John is not a doctor, so cannot diagnose, but works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness.. His advice is given free and he is readily contactable via his website Remede Naturel.




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