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Bodhisattva Conversations with… Tim Crook

This is Part 1 or a 2 Part Conversation with Tim Crook aka Tim B’Vard…

In this podcast he talks about his journey of self investigation.
In Part 2 we will explore more about his life in Law and as creator of the Bavard Bar
Which is described as ‘A delightful blend TED, comedy and radio 4. Sort of’ !

Tim Crook founded Housing Law Services with Julie Allen in 2003.

He is currently perhaps better know for creating the Bavard Bar.

The Bavard Bar website describes him thus

‘Tim is the genial compere and host of the Bavard Bar. An all round passionate guy, in a previous life Tim believes he may have been a lawyer. However there is no evidence to support this belief, so it may simply be delusional. Late last Wednesday, using a complex system of algorithms and assorted 18th century medical paraphernalia, Tim changed his name to ‘Tim B’vard’. It is arguable that this change may also be delusional. As well as illegal.’