Bodhisattva Conversations with… Philippa Jacobs (Podcast)

Philippa Jacobs is the founder of Champion Chanzige.
A charity which strives to make small sustainable changes to the educational environment for young people in Tanzania.

In this podcast Philippa  tells how she took herself off to Tanzania in 2013.
She spent ten days in a primary school and the idea that was to become Champion Chanzige was born…!
Philippa had spent the previous 10 years working in UK schools – and although she expected there to be big differences between the schools – she was not prepared for the lack of basic teaching resources and the terrible state of the classrooms. 

The attitude of the children inspired and motivated her, and in this podcast she speaks of their joy, their happiness and their enthusiasm to learn…

Philippa knew deep inside her that she had to try and help.
 Click here to read about Champion Chanzige

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I have been running all of my life – it feels I was born to run. In the running step I experienced freedom and my true expression. I came to see that I needed to ‘get out of the way of myself’ and let my energy flow through the running step; allow it to express itself in the dance and the motion of running.

I have also worked in the lives of others as a guide, counsellor, healer and teacher for over 40 years.

I lived as a nomad for 6 years with my husband Anadi, but my inner voice brought me back to the UK in May 2019 and I have been living and working and running in London since then…

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