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Bodhisattva Conversations with… Gillian Alexander (Part 1)

It was wonderful to talk with Gillian Alexander – to be in the space together discovering what would unfold.

She spoke about her life and her work which are integral, and her sacred touch…
Sacred Touch is a sacred space of unconditional love and safety where Gillian supports all who come to her to explore who they are in a way that goes beyond the persona that they dare to share with the world; space where everyone is honoured, loved and accepted just as they are.

‘Gillian works in a unique way that would best be described as both shamanic and tantric, to support you as you are in the moment to come back into your own Power, Alignment and Sovereignty.

Much of what she does is to support you to let go of attachment that draws your power and energy: attachment to past and future, attachment to expectation, and to come into the present and to start fully living. This can also entail letting go of physical, mental and emotional pain, and clearing any energies or issues which are not serving you’

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