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Because You’re Reading This…

Yes, I believe everything is energy. Everything. Most particularly, us. And because you are reading this, there may be a nugget of truth in my latest download for you.

A few weeks ago, I was given some “new” information regarding frequencies.

What I was shown I call our “set point” (at least, that’s the word I was given).

Here’s how it works: Each of us chose a frequency “set point” before we incarnated here on Earth. It is the frequency at which we chose to start our life.

Our emotions then become an indicator of our resonance with this set point. Let me explain…
Let’s say we chose to start our life at 500 hertz, our personal frequency. When we encounter higher frequencies (emotions, people or circumstances) we feel great and generally want more! When we encounter lower frequencies (emotions, people or circumstances), we feel anxious, sad or want to escape,  either physically (quitting a job) or through outside means such as alcohol or food.

That’s why emotions can’t be medicated or ignored, they tell us what is “good” for us and when we need to change what’s around us.

Life circumstances, particularly trauma and illness, are catalysts for our evolution. We create them to evolve (a lightbulb goes off~ energy!) and that raises our frequency set point, permanently.

Think of life as just a series of experiences to raise our frequencies so we get closer to unconditional love.

That’s why what used to work no longer feels right for so many of us~ life and circumstances are naturally raising our set points if we allow them to. And that is also why some people are not affected by the lower energy emotions or circumstances they create because their set point is at a lower frequency (take a look around, you’ll see it happening right in front of your eyes).

Despite outward appearances, humanity IS moving forward, and because you are reading this, you are a BIG part of that! If you’d like to explore this in-depth and make sense of your personal evolution, feel free to contact me for a session.

Moving the world forward toward peace and health is what I LOVE to do, join me!




Carrie Beleno is an Intuitive Reiki master/teacher, Spiritual Life Coach and author.

She received a phone call from an anonymous man from Tibet in 2015 who told her that she was a “powerful healer” and needed to trust and step fully into that role. Since that call, Carrie has used her Intuitive Reiki and spiritual life coaching to guide others in finding and listening to their intuition, releasing guilt, anxiety, fear and uncovering life purpose, health and joy.

It is her mission to reconnect God to the human spirit and each other.

Website: www.carriebeleno.com

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