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Be More Mindful this Summer

I am in a strange mood this week. I feel exhausted, even though my sleep pattern hasn’t changed. I know that we are close to ending our academic year, and both me and my children need our school summer holiday so that we can rest and recuperate. There is no reason for me to be so tired. I am not sick. I am not pregnant. And I am not depressed. But I just don’t feel right. I have no interest in work, and despite the very long list of jobs I must do around the house, I feel no desire or urgency to do any of them. This is a strange feeling.

Be More Mindful this Summer

Does it sound familiar to you? Is it a mild form of depression, or is it related to the season I wonder? We are officially in British Summertime now, and I should be full of life and excited to be outside in the fresh air. Today it feels cool and there is a lot of cloud, with the occasional burst of sunshine. Maybe I just need to rest.

Perhaps I should practice what I preach and be more mindful this summer. I am fortunate that my work is freelance so I can do as much or as little as I choose. My husband will provide our financial support through his job, and he doesn’t like taking holidays, so that works out well for me. I shall simply await the end of school term, and I shall enjoy some quiet time at home with my children, resting and recuperating.



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