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Attributes of Duality

Anthony AltmanDuality provides us with polarized opposites in this physical, three dimensional Universe. As such, it underpins our ability to have choice, so that we, as evolving souls, can acquire the wisdom how to choose wisely. In this sense, we learn from mistakes, if we so choose, and as we improve our life supporting choices, are we able to facilitate our growth in consciousness, by expanding and developing our ability to perceive, which is our conscious awareness.

This is the main reason why souls re-incarnate in this realm, even as this physical experience demands that we have temporary amnesia of our true identity, so that we may learn our individual life lessons, which accelerate us on our journey to Self-Knowing, and transcend the limitations that are inherent in this three dimensional realm of ever changing tides of duality.

Duality means that whatever you think, say and do, there is, inherent in those actions, the potential of their opposites. For instance, a person who is in fear, by the natural reality of duality, that same person has also within himself/herself, the exact same potential of experiencing courage, and vice versa. In other words, duality teaches us that whatever we perceive, the opposite also exists.

Good and evil is another excellent example. For one to exist, the polarized opposite also has to exist. Destroy one, and you destroy the other. Life and death are, therefore, both sides of the same coin, and when we can balance this polarity, we are not influenced by either, and this is the real meaning of freedom. This was expounded by Gautam Siddhartha, also known as the Buddha, when he had his revelation in the forest, about 2,500 years ago: If the string of the musical instrument is too tight, or too loose, it will not play. The strings must be in balance! If a human being is too strong or too weak, life will be a challenge. If the water is too hot or too cold, discomfort will be the result.

Another profound understanding is that, if it were possible to isolate the duality of anything, like removing cold, no-one would know what hot is. Duality, therefore, also underpins the science of relativity.

These are some examples of duality, to illustrate my point.

  1.  Up & Down
  2. Life & Death
  3. Rich & Poor
  4. Healthy & Unhealthy
  5. Knowledge & Ignorance
  6. Strength & Weakness
  7. Hot & Cold
  8. Small & Large
  9. Easy & Difficult
  10. Old & Young
  11. Free & Enslaved
  12. Male & Female
  13. Right & Wrong (extremely relative, and is totally relative to the individual and his/her circumstances. What is right for one, may be wrong for another. Instead of right and wrong, I prefer to use ‘Appropriate & Inappropriate.’)

We can choose what aspect of duality we wish to indulge, and this usually depends on how open-minded one is, and how open the heart is. Many stifle their intuitive nature, preferring, instead, to adhere to the status quo given by others, such as leaders, the wealthy industrialists who love power and control. In choosing, we find that we will either prosper or suffer, and that is why we have choice. We can decide to make another choice. This is the power of learning lessons, the very classroom that is provided by duality.

This short article only scratches the surface of this profound subject, and my intention is to provoke your interest in order to appreciate the mutable potential that duality offers us, in learning how we may change and evolve, by learning how to make more life supporting decisions from the choices we have. This understanding presupposes the understanding that each one of us is totally responsible for our own individual choices we make during our physical sojourn on planet earth, and it is quite useless to blame anything or anyone else for that part of duality you are experiencing. This is because it is your choice every time, in everything, on varying levels. This is done by your thoughts, conscious or unconscious, by your conscious or unconscious words and actions. Duality, therefore, is an instrument to help every human being wake up to their greater potential.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.




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