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Are You Still Living in Reactionary Hell?

Ann PeckhamI rarely watch TV but recently I have caught a couple of fly on the wall type programmes following people just as they are. One of these was “Destroyed in Minutes” where there was footage of an elderly lady who had returned to the Driving Centre for a retest. Instead of hitting the brake she mistakenly pressed the accelerator. Her panic caused her to instantly freeze with her foot still on the gas which caused her to plough straight through the wall into the waiting room.

The vast majority of these programmes show people living lives of reaction and suffering the consequences of a non-reflective existence. They are doomed to keep repeating the patterns of destruction which plague their lives whilst they fail to reflect and question.

Reflection and enquiry leads to an awakening, and once someone has experienced how much easier it is to live in the magical world of response based on the freedom of experience brought about through reflection, there will be no stopping the awakening.

Levels of awareness in the reactionary masses are virtually non-existent or so the media would want us to believe. You only need to watch the soaps to see the way in which they are portrayed. Do people really live lives that are based on tension and suspicion? Is another argument always in the offing?

I, however, don’t believe that they are permanently lost. I believe that someone only need experience the sheer bliss of living in a “safe” world where there is NO stress, anger, depression or greed, with people who genuinely care, to know which they would prefer.

It doesn’t matter which societal level you live in, if you are functioning from a non-reflective reactionary perspective then you are living in HELL.

I don’t believe that everyone lives like that, but I do believe that you are influenced by what you see on TV. When you see no examples of awakened behaviour where response based on refection is the norm, then how can you be expected to move from the hell of reaction to the bliss of response?

Maybe that is the whole point, you are not expected to. It serves those who benefit from the confusion of the masses to ensure that you to stay living in reactionary hell.

When the awakening comes there will be a huge realisation of the extent to which the masses have been deliberately conditioned and dumbed down.

Most of these people are living lives of quiet desperation. Every day is pretty well the same as every other day. It is all work, eat, sleep, work, eat, and sleep, on and on and on; with breaks for drunken arguments most weekends.

Those who are destined to break free will get to the point where they are internally screaming “there must be more to life than this”. At this point they are ready to be exposed to the Truth, because they will have opened up enough of a chink in the protective shell with which they have surrounded themselves to let a glimmer of the FREEDOM shine through.

What is it that I see as being the Truth?  

It is true that living a life that is based on reaction will lead to strained relationships, lack of trust, arguments and jealousies. It is true that reactionary people are much more likely to panic when faced with a challenging situation, and panic causes reactionary people to have brain freeze which makes them behave in destructive and chaotic ways.

I see so much of it around me. David, my partner, has some brilliant stories from his bird’s eye view from the top of trees. He has seen the hilarity of how inexperience coupled with lack of awareness, a flame and petrol, can result in absolute chaos and destruction brought about through panic.

We realise that throughout our lives we have consciously chosen to experience many different aspects with conscious awareness. And over the past 12 years we have actively chosen to respond to each other rather than react based upon historical triggers. It hasn’t always been easy because we both had been conditioned to be depressives with lack of self-worth, and that sets you up to live a reactionary living hell.

I made a choice not to live that way anymore. I have had enough of slipping continuously into the default setting of depression.

When I say default setting, I have a strong suspicion that most everyone has elements of this within their makeup. It starts from the post natal depression that most new mothers suffer from, due to a lack of B vitamins in their diet. And it is subtly indoctrinated into the impressionable little ones so that they don’t know any different, and so they live their lives with that as the default setting. That is the underlying feeling of dread that is the background noise in the lives of most.

You see I believe that no-one would consciously choose to be retrograde; no-one would consciously choose to slip into decay and decline. No-one would deliberately choose to spend a life that revolved around deception and stress. Therefore the fact that so many are definitely slipping down that route, then they must be doing it by default, they are not consciously choosing, life just happens to them.

I see through all of the bull sh.. that is drip fed to the masses on a minute by minute basis. I notice how sadly false the vast majority of people really are. They function from behind protective masks because they have been hurt too much too often. This leaves them feeling very isolated and lonely, which exacerbates the feelings of depression and lack of self-worth.

Most people turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate these feelings of separation, as the only way that they can let down their guard enough to feel “connected” to others. But drugs and alcohol are dangerous in the hands of the reactionaries because it can take very little to trip them over into reactionary hell. You only need to go down any high street late on a Friday or Saturday night to see the effects of this.

I know this from personal experience when I was a reactionary as it had the same effect on me. But I have been consciously moving away from that and towards reflective response for heading on towards 20 years, and it really is only recently when I had the huge awakening that my default setting was depression. At that point I made a quantum leap into bliss and joy and I will not allow me to slip into depression ever again no matter how slight.

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