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Approaching Mabon and Embracing the Autumn Equinox

The Wheel of the Year is turning once again as we slip gently into Autumn and welcome the Mabon festival of the second harvest. While out in the car last weekend, we saw farmers busy tidying their fields, securing their crops, and carrying out general maintenance on trees and outbuildings. Once all of this busy work is done, we can all prepare to snuggle down at home and enjoy the warmth of a fire and our nice, cosy blankets.

Mabon Wreath SpookyMrsGreen

At least, that is my feeling for Autumn. For now it is still slightly chaotic, as I beaver away on my blog work and promoting my novels, support my children in their back to school routine, and still try to sell our house so we can upsize. Ah, yes, moving house. I thought we would have that sorted by now, but here we are, approaching the cold season and still crammed into a home that is too small. But at least we have a home, and it is secure, safe and warm.

I know there are many people out there who would give anything to have the kind of luxury that we enjoy, and I do appreciate our home. We have made many happy memories here during the past ten years or so. We have experienced both joy and sorrow in many extremes within these walls. There are lots of stories to tell of a happy family doing the daily routine. My message this Mabon is simple: count your blessings. I am trying very hard to count mine, while still looking to a bright future.



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