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Adjust Your Attitude and Change Your Results

There’s an old song that goes ‘if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.’

While that may not be the best relationship advice, it works really well for other aspects of life.

For instance, ‘if you’re not in the job you love, love the job you’re in.’ Or, ‘if you don’t have the body you’d love, love the body you have.’ Or even, ‘if you’re not living the life you’d love, love the life you’re living.’

It’s all about attitude and perspective.

If there is anything – absolutely anything – that you are unhappy with about any aspect of your life, simply adjust your attitude and perspective and, hey presto! everything changes for the better.

If you don’t believe it can be that easy, try it for yourself.

Choose something you’re unhappy with in your life; your job, your body, your health or your relationships.

For the next 21 days (as long as it takes to make or break a habit) make the commitment to consciously speak, think and act in a kind and positive way about that one aspect.

It takes practice and you will sometimes find yourself slipping back to your old negative ways, especially in the beginning. But persevere and, every time you catch yourself being negative, adjust your attitude and perspective until you are again thinking only in a positive and loving way about what you’ve got and where you are.

Be warned though! This is life-changing stuff so make certain you really want to change before you begin.



In 2015, I set up Horses Connect, a non-profit company based in the West of Ireland dedicated to helping people of all ages, with all kinds of life and other challenges.  After a colorful and adventurous life (career-wise)  I now work with people and horses. I teach and I learn – boy, do I learn!

Horses connect us to our true value and full potential in a unique and powerful way and it is my privilege to facilitate that connection. We design a range of equine-assisted programs for individuals and groups, and our equine team help us deliver those programs.

I am particularly interested in personal development and was blogging about the topic long before blogging became popular, or profitable.

I have a Masters in Writing from NUI, Galway and tons of other random qualifications.


Twitter – @horsesconnect




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